Beware of female friends: greedy cold food is easy to get fat


Beware of female friends: greedy cold food is easy to get fat

In the summer, many female friends will be greedy and eat a lot of cold drinks, such as iced drinks, iced watermelons, ice cream ice cream, etc., although the coolness of the solution, but I do not know that this will damage health, and will cause many hope to lose weight.A friend’s weight is high, and even a small amount of food is stubborn.

銆€銆€Iced foods are not because the drinks are too sugary, or the watermelons tend to get fat. Ice creams contain trans fatty acids, but because they all have the same characteristics and are very cool.

It is this cold that causes problems in our spleen and stomach. Of course, there are many reasons for the weakness of the spleen and stomach. Similar to the weakness of the physique, the irregular diet, overeating, etc., but greed is itself.

In this year’s survey of obese women, 76% of women had symptoms of spleen and stomach weakness, and 48% of them were due to irregular diet and often eat a lot of cold food.

銆€銆€Speaking of this, maybe many people don’t understand, it seems to have nothing to do with excessive.

銆€銆€In fact, the most direct relationship between spleen and stomach and obesity, if the spleen and stomach function is strong, weight loss can be said to be arbitrary, and the spleen and stomach are also related to health or not.

銆€銆€Some people say that my appetite is very good, and I love everything. Can this be said that my spleen and stomach are weak?

I can only tell you that this is “stomach strong spleen deficiency”, that is, can eat but not digest.

The stomach is the organ and the spleen is the transporting organ.

Transport also contains the meaning of “transport” and “chemical”. “Chemical” is the transformation of the diet in the gastrointestinal tract into nutrient-staining micro-substance. “Transport” is to transport these nutrients to the whole body to produce the body’s blood.
Sometimes, although we have eaten a lot of things, the ability of the spleen to “chemicalize” is too weak, and we are unable to turn food into nutrient essence. It just accumulates in the body. When our body needs energy, they will not turn into blood for us.Use, on the contrary, will prevent us from generating new blood.

Over time, the excess meat accumulates the position of normal muscles, and the turbid blood stagnates the space of fresh blood, so that our blood and blood energy cannot be generated, no way to consume, causing the body to become fatter and even eat less.Things can’t lose weight, or they have little effect.

銆€銆€Many people lose weight around the food, and they can’t lower the dispersion of food. They can calculate the food every day carefully. They are afraid that the orientation of the food is high, and they worry that the change of this day will exceed the standard.

However, this method may be effective for people with excessive dietary intake and high levels of vitamins, but at the same time many people have suggested to me why they do not eat much, but the weight is not reduced?

銆€銆€This is because the main diet is not noticed, and there are many people with problems in the spleen and stomach.

Even if you eat less, the waste piled up in the body, a few can not decompose and replace the body by itself, while eating too little is only in the decomposition of the body, there is only a little blood reserve, the normal muscles are broken down to provideThe normal operation of the human body, at this time you will find that the meat on the body is more relaxed, the skin is dull, and even fine lines appear, the physical strength is not as good as before.

If you return to a normal diet, your weight will rebound quickly and be more than the original.

銆€銆€At this point, if you want to really lose weight, you can only start from conditioning your spleen and stomach, but without professional guidance, I am afraid that it is difficult to complete it easily. If you choose improperly, it will only make your body gain weight and even have symptoms such as liver disease.

銆€銆€In summer, the human body temperature is very high. People often want to take an ice block and swallow it when they are sweating. So they eat a lot of iced watermelons, cold drinks, ice cream, etc., so that the stomach is strongly cold.Stimulation causes the stomach to shrink sharply. The blood vessel wall of the implant will suddenly close and contract, causing a swell and stimuli. If you eat hot food and drink iced drinks, beer will aggravate this situation.Over time, it caused damage to the spleen and stomach, and there were symptoms of spleen and stomach weakness.

銆€銆€If you don’t feel chilly, if you want to recover, you can’t do it overnight.

銆€銆€Whether the spleen and stomach are healthy determines whether our body is healthy. Think about it. We rely on the nutrients of food to supply human nutrients to work normally. If the food we eat is not properly absorbed by the body, it will accumulate like garbage.Naturally, it causes a variety of diseases. It can also be said that the spleen and stomach are our “foundation” and “the source of qi and blood biochemistry”. Only popular blood is rich, we will reserve for disease prevention and treatment.Excessive energy, ruddy complexion, full of energy, people will look more spiritual and healthier!

銆€銆€Therefore, even if the summer is very hot, you should pay attention to let yourself disperse the body temperature, and then eat a little cold food, and should not eat too much, the original spleen and stomach is not very good, not only does not recommend eating cold food, it is also recommended to eatWarm-filled foods can be eaten hot in the summer, such as brown sugar water, which can be placed at room temperature.