The right medicine, the three prescriptions for treating dysmenorrhea


The right medicine, the three prescriptions for treating dysmenorrhea

Dysmenorrhea is often caused by liver qi stagnation, and the operation of the air machine is not smooth, resulting in qi stagnation.

Qi stagnation is bloody, which leads to dysmenorrhea due to poor behavior. Chinese medicine believes that “nothing is painful.”

There are also dysmenorrhea caused by blood deficiency.

Under normal circumstances, premenstrual or menstrual abdominal pain is mostly a real disease.

Abdominal swelling pain is mostly qi and blood stasis; post-abdominal pain is mostly a deficiency syndrome, and those who like to be hot are mostly cold.

Therefore, the treatment of dysmenorrhea should be based on the patient’s condition for the treatment of identification.

銆€銆€Qi stagnation: common premenstrual or menstrual lower abdominal pain.

Menstruation is less and less smooth.

Sometimes chest tightness and bloating.

At this time, the liver should be qi and qi, and any treatment with Jiawei Wu Yao Tang should be used.

Such as angelica, Chuanxiong, red peony, cumin, black medicine, woody, fragrant, Yuanhu and other medicines.

銆€銆€Blood stasis type: Dysmenorrhea occurs in the early stage of menstruation or in the early stage of the menstrual cramps. The lower abdomen is in pain and pain, refuses to press, has poor menstruation, and has black blood clots.

It is advisable to use the method of activating blood circulation and dispelling cold.

Commonly used prescriptions include Shaofu Zhuyu Decoction or Angelica, Chuanxiong Puhuang, Chishao, Hawthorn Charcoal, Peach Kernel, Safflower, Fragrant, Cinnamon, Cumin, Dried Ginger, etc.

銆€銆€Blood deficiency type: In addition to the pain relief, it can be seen that the menstrual blood is too much color, after abdominal pain, dizziness, palpitations, upset and insomnia.

Should be treated with nourishing blood and benefiting Qi.

Anyone who chooses Bazhen Tang and other drugs such as Angelica, Rehmannia, Radix, Shouwu, Codonopsis, Atractylodes, Xiangfu, and so on.

銆€銆€In addition, the drug should be added or subtracted according to the patient’s condition.

Such as qi stagnation and bloating, plus fragrant, woody, green, black medicine, Yuanhu and so on.

Bloody, purple, tongue purple, pulse string plus angelica, achyranthes, peach kernel, safflower, Puhuang, etc., afraid of cold warmers plus dry ginger, cumin, schizonepeta, cinnamon, Wu Hao and other treatment.

a bird and a person


a bird and a person

The bird asked his father: “What is the most advanced creature in the world?

Is it our bird?

The old bird replied: “No, it is human.”

“The bird asked again: “Human beings are some kind of creatures?

“Humans. are the creatures who often throw stones at our nests.”

“The bird suddenly realized:” Ah, I know!

However, can humans sustain us?

Are they happy than we live?

“They may be us, but they are not as happy as we are.”

“Why are they not as happy as we are?”

The bird asked his father inexplicably.

銆€銆€The old bird replied: “Because a thorn grows in the human heart, this thorn is not stinging and afflicting them all the time.

They themselves spurred a name for this, calling it greed.

“The bird asked again:” Greed?

What does greed mean?

Dad, do you know?

“” Yes, I understand human beings and I have seen the greedy thorns in their hearts.

Do you want to see it for yourself, child?

“Yes, Dad, I want to see and see for myself.”

“This is easy.

If you see someone coming over, tell me quickly, I will let you see the greedy thorn in the human heart.

“Small, the bird will be called up:” Dad, someone came over.

“The old bird said to the little bird:” Listen to me, the child, I will vote for the net, and I will fall into his hands. You can see a good show.

The bird couldn’t help but worry, saying, “If you are hurting.” The old bird comforted it and said, “Don’t worry, child, I understand human greed, I know how to escape from them.”

“When finished, the old bird flew away from the bird and fell to the side of the person.”

The man grabbed it and grabbed it. He said, “I will kill you and eat your flesh.”

“Old bird novel: “I have so little meat, enough to fill your stomach?”

The man said: “The meat is small, but delicious.”

“The old bird said: “I can send you something more useful than my own meat. It is a three-pointed saying. If you learn, you will make a fortune.”

“The man is impatient:” Tell me, what are these three famous sayings?

“The old bird flashed a glimpse in the eyes, slowly telling:” I can tell you, but there is a condition: I will tell you the first famous saying in your hand; when you let me go, I will tell you the second famous saying.When I fly to the tree, I will tell you the third sentence.

“The man wanted to get three famous words as soon as possible, so that he would make a fortune, he immediately replied:” I promised you the conditions, tell me the first famous quote.

“Old bird crafts:” This first famous saying is: Mo regrets what has been lost!

According to our conditions, please let me go now.

The man let go of the old bird.

銆€銆€”The second famous saying is: Do not believe in things that cannot exist.

“When I finished, it screamed and flew up the treetops. “You are such a big fool. If you just slaughtered me, you will take a weight of up to 120 grams from my belly.Big gem.

“The man listened, repented, and bit his lips out of the blood.”He looked at the birds on the tree, still remembering the conditions they had just negotiated, and then again: “Please tell me the third famous quote!”

“The old bird smirked and said: “The greedy person, your greedy heart covers your eyes.

Since you have forgotten the first two famous quotes, what is the benefit of telling you the third sentence?

Didn’t I tell you, ‘I don’t care what I have lost, don’t believe in things that can’t exist’?

You think about it, my body flesh and feathers add up to less than 100 grams, how can there be a big gem over 120 grams in the belly?

“The man heard this and suddenly stunned, so uncomfortable, the expression of his arms was ridiculous. A bird played a person like this.”

銆€銆€The old bird looked back at the bird and said, “Child, can you see it now?”

“The bird replied:” Yes, I really saw it.

But how can this person believe that there is a gem in your belly that exceeds your weight? How can you believe that this is impossible?

The old bird replied: “Because of greed, child, this is the greed nature of mankind!”


It is worth a try to gain weight and breast enhancement


It is worth a try to gain weight and breast enhancement

Women who are fuller will present a healthy beauty, so women who are thinner need to gain weight and become more sexy.

Here is a set of exercises that can both increase fat and breasts, and act quickly!

銆€銆€Today, where the weight-loss tide is concentrated, will their voices be based on the guidelines of the beauty, or will they advocate another new concept of beauty, so that the fullness and charm of the body will appear on the scene?

銆€銆€Excessively thin people want to be full of emotions are often as urgent as dieters.

How can I have a full body?

銆€銆€Moderate exercise, bodybuilding, body thinner, should not participate in sports?

Gymnastics coaches who have a good body and body skills believe that the thinners participate in moderate exercise and have a great interest in the body.

To make the body full and full of charm, thin people may wish to choose swimming, aerobics, push-ups and other sports.

In addition, the ladies do not hinder the adoption of two other effective body movements, chest exercises and stomach exercises at home.

銆€銆€The coach of the chest exercise gym thinks that the chest exercise is repeated with the arms on the chest, and the tension is mainly used to exercise the muscle lines of the chest part before, which can also help the chest to be firm and firm.

銆€銆€As soon as the movement is up, the chest is broken. Two dumbbells or two water bottles filled with water are held in the left and right hands. The arms are straight and flat on the chest, horizontally with the shoulders, and then horizontally moved toward the left and right sides.Until the angle is 180掳, return to the original position and repeat 5 times.

銆€銆€When the exercise is on an empty stomach, on the bed, the legs are naturally straightened, and after taking a deep breath, the knees are bent upwards.

Hold your legs with both hands and keep your thighs close to your abdomen.

After a few seconds, relax your legs and change back to the original condition, doing it 5 times.


The straight arm is lifted in the front and lifted up. This exercise preparation is the same as above.

During practice, the double-handed dumbbells are lifted straight in front of the straight arm. After 2-3 seconds of static force, the dumbbells are raised by the double-armed dumbbells.

This exercise can effectively develop the toe of the deltoid muscle, usually in 3-4 groups, each group doing 8-12 times.


The wide-necked push-back push can be practiced in a standing or sitting position. The practitioner is chest-high, looking straight ahead, holding the barbell wide with both hands, and straightening the straight arm by the barbell from the back of the neck.

This action can comprehensively develop the front, middle and back bundles of the deltoid muscle, usually in groups of 6-8, each group doing 4-6 times.

銆€銆€If you want to widen your front end, just stick to the above practice method and practice 2-3 times a week. After one time, you will be satisfied.

銆€銆€Happy and thin women and men in diet, there are too many picky eaters and partial eclipse.

Therefore, these bad habits should be removed and the expected amount of supplementation should be increased. The compensation should be rich and varied.

Eat more carbohydrates, pasta is the most useful, in addition, high-protein foods, vegetables and fruits can not be less, on weekdays, it is better to not leave those healthy snacks, such as peanuts, toffee, etc., drink beer and drink some juice is also goodThe idea.

銆€銆€In the case of adequate protein intake, it is advisable to eat more foods containing trace amounts of glucose (ie starch, sugar, etc.).

In this way, the excess energy can be converted into unfortunate storage under the skin, so that the thin person is physically strong.

Thinner gastrointestinal tracts are used to replace the liver of chickens, ducks, fish and sheep. After the fish are also easily digested and absorbed.

銆€銆€If you want to increase your diet, you must first achieve scientific fertilizer and increase your health.

In addition to a balanced diet, you should also maintain adequate and good sleep.

If people have enough sleep, their appetite is better, and it is also conducive to digestion and absorption of food.

Too many thin people like to live fat, play an all night, and the next day they must fight hard to go to work, seriously affecting the quality of sleep, so it is not thin to be strange.

銆€銆€Also pay attention to personal mental health.

The tension and pressure in the work, some small things in life can not be opened, more than the “crazy” learning or work of the human body load, will make people even thinner.

On the contrary, a happy state of mind and a harmonious interpersonal relationship are beneficial to fattening.