Cold air is coming, and 5 kinds of health breakfast porridge for the whole family, so that you can get up early for a meal.


Cold air is coming, and 5 kinds of health breakfast porridge for the whole family, so that you can get up early for a meal.

Recently, the cold air came, the weather slowly turned cold, and it was too cold to get out of the house to go to work early. The most wanted thing to do at this time was to find a hot porridge in a breakfast shop (unfortunately many shops)The taste is not complimented.) ~ Summer is hot, in order to sleep a lazy to work, I am also in a hurry, pull the refrigerator and eat it and ran out.

Now it’s cold in the morning, and the bed is not going to be out. After the bed is washed, the bowl of big porridge is warm and warm, and the whole body is spirited in one bowl.

I don’t know if I am getting up early and eating greasy early in the stomach and I don’t feel digested.

As a person who likes to eat, the same porridge makes me drink for a few days, I am sure to be annoyed. During this time, I have studied a few porridges and sent them out for everyone!

I don’t study medicine, I don’t know if my health is not healthy. I only know that it tastes good. If you feel that some of them are reasonable, don’t mind too much. I just put together a few materials that I often eat, myself.After eating it, I have not encountered any bad situation. If you have any opinions, you can say it.

If some materials feel controversial, you can leave your own matching method in the comments section. If you have a good method, it is really better. After all, is everyone really good?
The first one: rice milk oatmeal This is my favorite porridge!

I used to see people who made milk rice porridge, and then just had oatmeal at home, and then they were thrown into the pot and boiled. After cooking, the milk smells very strong, and it tastes moist and sweet[raw material]: oatmeal, rice, rock sugar, milk[production practice]: When making dinner, soak the rice, and add the rock sugar, milk and oatmeal when you cook the next morning. The water is almost 2:1 with milk, and the milk is more.Put it, or else there is no milk fragrance.

This porridge milk and water is a little more than the usual porridge, because the oatmeal needs to absorb water, according to the time of the usual thick rice porridge, cooked and cooked, you can eat it. If there is a more advanced rice cooker, it is better.You can throw all the ingredients into the pot before going to bed the night before, and you don’t have to get up early the next morning.

The second one: pumpkin millet porridge in the morning to work in the company’s downstairs porridge shop often drink, I feel pretty good, boiled into a pumpkin and millet into a piece, I feel that under the improvement, tried many times before makingThis method[raw material]: millet, rock sugar, pumpkin (remember, it is best to chestnut pumpkin, don’t be too expensive, don’t be too ordinary, really delicious, don’t know what is the chestnut pumpkin’s mother to search)[practice]: The pumpkin is peeled and cut into large pieces and steamed for about a quarter of an hour.

Then use a spoon to crush directly, do not destroy the fiber of the pumpkin, drink it and taste will not eat the feeling of pumpkin.

Then boil it in a pot with a good millet.

When you drink, you can drink the silky feeling of pumpkin fiber and a touch of chestnut sweetness.

The third type: red bean red dates purple rice porridge this porridge is not bad!

Because I like to eat red beans!

As long as I bring red beans, I don’t mind taking a bite.

Especially the red beans that broke when you touched it!

[raw materials]: red dates, purple rice, red beans, rock sugar[production method]: purple rice and red beans are not good to boil, you need to soak in water, it is best to soak the night before, the next morning to get all the materials lostCook in a rice cooker.

(Ice sugar and jujube plus how much according to their own taste) Fourth: Tremella lotus seed corn glutinous rice mung bean porridge In fact, I personally feel that this can not be considered porridge, and the taste of porridge is very different!

But I feel like being a dessert that I usually eat.

There are more materials in it, so the taste is not bad.

Before I was busy with work, I used this kind of porridge, put more white fungus, boiled green beans, and the taste is not good!

[Materials]: Coix seed, mung bean, lotus seed, white fungus, rock sugar[production method]: This time the raw materials should be put in the water for a long time, the more the chopped white fungus is broken, the better, so that the white fungus is better than the gelatinous, thick spots willTaste better.

Then put the stuff in the pot and cook for two and a half hours.

(This time is relatively long, if you don’t want to get up early in the morning, it is best to buy a pot that can be timed.) The fifth kind: Sydney red dates porridge This is my own improvement, a while ago, I have a cold throat, I heard that pears go to the fire, so I amA few pieces of Sydney were added to the rice porridge.

I did not expect it to be good, the red dates and the cockroaches are to make the porridge look good.

[Materials]: 鏋告潪, red dates, rice, Sydney[production method]: very simple, cut the Sydney diced with rice, red dates, glutinous rice, rock sugar, the above is the five kinds of breakfast porridge I share, the materials are also everywhereLooking for, the small supermarket downstairs can buy, the taste is very good.

Come to work in the morning to fill a large bowl to fill the full, go out and warm, and feel warm!

90-year-old Japanese grandmother, occupying the wine cellar and touching the porcelain but bursting with the red network and aging wheat


90-year-old Japanese grandmother, occupying the wine cellar and touching the porcelain but bursting with the red network and aging wheat

Nowadays, the 90-year-old people who have become the focus of the times have been exposed from time to time.

“The first batch of 90s has already ushered in the hair loss crisis and pay attention to health.” After 90, the uncles and aunts have begun to become monks and began to ruin.”None of the first batch of 90s can survive 30 years old.”

.It seems that there is nothing wrong with it. After 90 years, I really have a hair loss. I have a cupboard. I have a life-style sling. But there is a “90s” in Japan. I have a very hard core. She is not at the speed of seventy.Since the “unfortunate car 鈻?is on the road of “touching porcelain” 鈻?also from time to time to perform “shovel plug” of the peerless martial arts 鈻?or come to a “pretend to be garbage” performance art 鈻?you want to get the unexpected Sao operation herThere are people who are more than a mouthful of people who want to “forever young and always tears and glory” live and have personality. This painter is very embarrassed, the grandmother is called Nishimoto, and is 90 years old in this network full of small fresh meat.She became a brain-clear, unique style of self-portrait to kill a bloody road into the Japanese photography industry’s popular fried chicken on Ins also arrested the 120,000 fans of the heart of the heart of the grandmother of the “photo story: from entry to”Abandoning the Great God” has to be heard from 18 years ago. It sounds very long. At that time, she was only a 72-year-old girl. Because she was the eldest son of art, she started a photography training class in the community. She went to play Call.鍦ˋfter listening to a class, she began to have an interest in photography. The train that took the training became the oldest student in the class. At first, the style of the grandmother of Nishimoto was “normal”, and the daily pats and flowers were patted by the animals.In a good state, but after a training class was set up with the theme of “interesting self-portraits”, the style of her grandmother began to turn around and she didn’t want to be flat. Her brain hole opened a few waves of spikes in the whole class. “Today.The weather is so good that I can’t help but hang myself on the clothes rack.” 鈻糡he distant star sent a request for the battle. “Humans think about God and make me laugh. I rethink that God is no longer laughing.” 鈻?”IJust a thief or a stealing thief” 鈻?”As long as the pen is enough, I will not hang the subject” 鈻?”The world is not worthy of being too tired and drink and cherish the taste of indulgence” 鈻糥iao Ben grandma found himselfI like the direction of photography and lead the whole class, but she doesn’t stop there. In order to make the photos more interesting and realistic, I also took the initiative to learn PS and illustrator retouching software even at the age of 74.I can’t read English, but she will find someone to help translate and then back down and then absorb a tripod and flip the remote control. She picks up various poses and enjoys the creation of “from gold to the king”.Dynamic and creative selfies “Learn this trick Lingbo microsteps are no longer afraid of not being on the second road car” 鈻?”Gunala dark god 鍛?鍛?鍛?鍛?鍛?鍢?鍢?鍢?鍢?鍢?鍢?鍢?鍢?鍢?鍢?鍢?鍢?鍢?

銆庘柤鈥淓mergency, emergency, dangerous, calm, calm, not panic, stop drinking tea, look at the report, steady, take the skin, I see the line” 鈻?”The girl who loves the car is not too bad luck” 鈻?”Even if I fall, I am the autumn mountain girl carGod will never admit defeat “鈻? stolen female car god light speed back to the rivers and lakes no time to explain the invitation to send a fast “鈻? do not love life, then I will come to you. “鈻糥i Ben grandma hopes to pass such a funny humorThe work brings joy to everyone, not the hope that the husband in heaven can see that he is happy to live. “The old man, now I am happy every day.” Many netizens are given the attitude of her love of life and the photos of the devil.Infected soon, Nishimoto’s grandmother became Japan’s 鈥渟elf-portrait queen鈥?and went on the variety show 鈥淕ive it to you鈥?and your boyfriend, Ninomiya, and also came a self-timer teaching and was also invited by the well-known digital media Adobe.2017, 2018 New Year’s greeting card art director 89 years old in Tokyo also held a personal photo exhibition called “Let’s go play”, a lot of netizens came to the scene and the west of the ghost horse鏈珿randma meets, she smiles and shares the funny photos and optimistic attitudes with the fans. “Now the camera has become a part of my life. As long as I am alive, I will keep taking the camera and keep shooting. Even if I am jokes, it doesn’t matter because I want to be depressed.The person who saw my photo can laugh.” 72-year-old photography photography 74-year-old Ps89-year-old became the artistic director of Adobe New Year greeting card and also held a personal photography exhibition “old urchin” Nishimoto grandma is more than a lot of young people indulge in love life 90 years oldOnce again, she proves that age is only a number. You are only xx years old. You can become anyone you want to be. Carnegie said, “If you have faith, you will be young. If you are doubtful, you will be young and confident. If you are old, you will be young when you are hopeful.”Desperate to be old” As long as you still have enthusiasm and pursuit of life, you will still be a teenager who will shine. When you are old, are you willing to become such an old man?

#Welcome everyone comments below to tell the wheat 鍝熲柤

Weight loss misunderstanding – why can’t lose weight?


Mistakes in weight loss: why can’t lose weight?

Losing weight needs to be different from the willpower and determination of ordinary people, so many people are halfway.

However, some people find that they lose weight and continue to lose weight, or the weight that just lost has rebounded quickly.

Do you know why?

Private words let you recognize the weight loss misunderstanding, you can successfully reduce the meat.

銆€銆€Why can’t we lose weight and can’t resist the food? Many people can’t resist the temptation of food. They can’t make a balanced distribution in the diet. The income and expenditure of the transformation cannot be balanced, which is also one of the important factors that cause slight growth.

銆€銆€Why can’t weight loss be reduced? The ostrich mentality is often lost to women. It is clear that they want to lose weight and are afraid of others knowing that they can’t get approval and correct help.

Obviously, he is losing weight, but he can’t admit that he is losing weight. He obviously loses some way or product, but he says that he is inexplicably slimming down. This unhealthy thought has also made many people who need to lose weight wrap up and cannot go smoothly.Successful weight loss.

銆€銆€Why can’t lose weight, self-awareness is too high, some people have too high self-awareness, obviously obesity has caused physical health damage, but dead duck mouth is hard, do not lose weight, wait until the point of unbearable or uncontrollable to seek professional doctors, isAn important factor that causes poor weight loss and poor results.

銆€銆€Why can’t lose weight, self-indulgence, obesity, some people ignore obesity, let go of a slight increase, and say that they are very fat, but their mouths are not reduced, so-called:[You don’t care, you don’t care about you]The same meaning is that negative weight loss and less positive weight loss methods do not help to alleviate obesity.

銆€銆€Why can’t weight loss be reduced? Long-term repeated weight loss often changes the weight loss method, causing the yo-yo effect. The general obesity constitution becomes a stubborn obesity constitution, does not trust the profession, and is smart enough to lose weight.

銆€銆€Why can’t lose weight, although no exercise habits can not achieve the effect of weight loss, but proper exercise can maintain the activation of body cells, and transformation, slight normal metabolism, many people not only have no habit of normal exercise, even the generalThere are very few dynamic activities, which is one of the factors that cause accumulated hoarding to become unfortunate.

銆€銆€Why can’t you lose weight? If you don’t have the right concept, the most important thing is to have the right concept. If you don’t understand the true cause of obesity, you can’t understand the factors of obesity. The obesity factor has not improved, and weight loss is futile.

銆€銆€Why can’t you lose weight, the wrong way to lose weight has no correct concept, you can find the right way to lose weight, there are many ways to lose weight, the way to lose weight is wrong, there is no right medicine, subtraction will not be effective.

銆€銆€Why is it that weight loss can’t be reduced? If you don’t have too much persistence, it will accumulate slowly. It is impossible to accumulate a decade of obesity to improve completely in one month.

The average person is quick-acting, and there is no persistent patience, which is the biggest reason for weight loss failure.

銆€銆€Why does weight loss not be reduced, lack of obesity knowledge? The lack of excessive knowledge is also one of the reasons for the failure to succeed.

Many people even lose weight in Chinese medicine, and Western medicine loses weight. They don’t understand weight loss foods or diet pills. They listen to confession, rely on TV advertisements or shopping channels, lack professional analysis and guidance, and are all in vain.the reason.

銆€銆€Why are you not thin enough?

Now you know it!