Chapter 440


Everyone wants to have a4 waist, a fat ruin all the words are not fake, in addition to exercise and control diet, there are many diet methods can have a small waist, may wish to follow Xiaobian to understand.

銆€銆€4 slimming porridge that can be thin into a small waist, sesame porridge needs 100 grams of rice and the right amount of black sesame. First, the black sesame seeds should be thoroughly cleaned and dried, placed in a wok and fried in a small fire.Fine.

Take 30 grams of black sesame and boiled porridge with the previous rice.

This method of therapeutic treatment can fully achieve the effect of detoxification and beauty, and at the same time, it can also lose weight and lose weight, and the stool can be quickly excreted from the body without losing nutrition.

銆€銆€2, oatmeal pumpkin porridge needs 160 grams of pumpkin, 60 grams of oatmeal, put the oatmeal in the clear water for 30 minutes, remove the pumpkin into pieces, add the right amount of water inside the pot, boil it with a large fire and then use smallCook for 30 minutes on fire and cook until the rice is cooked.

The pumpkin contains a component that promotes the secretion of bile, which enhances peristaltic motility and allows food to be digested quickly.

In addition, this diet method can reduce weight and lower blood sugar, is suitable for diabetic patients, and also has the effect of calming the nerves, nourishing the stomach, and losing weight.

銆€銆€3, red bean black rice porridge needs 80 grams of red beans, 150 grams of black rice, 12 red dates, a small amount of rock sugar, soak black rice and red beans in advance for a night, black rice together in the rice cooker to add water to cook, and thenAdd cold water and continue to cook, until the black bean black rice is boiled, and finally add red dates and rock sugar for another three minutes.

This method has the effects of slimming and fat-reducing and promoting blood circulation and beauty. In red beans, it contains a lot of vitamin b2 and vitamin b1, protein and minerals, and has diuretic and blood-supplying effects.

Red beans are high-fiber and low-fat foods, and the detoxification effect is very good. Regular eating can make the waist and legs become thinner and thinner.

銆€銆€4, millet pumpkin porridge, all the pumpkin and carrots are washed and cut into pieces, put together with millet in the pot to boil, and then boiled for 30 minutes on a small fire, the pumpkin is rich in a lot of pectin and vitamins, with certainAdsorption, can bind toxins and bacteria to replace the body, can protect the stomach to the coupling mucosa, but also promote the healing of ulcers, suitable for patients with stomach diseases, pumpkin can also effectively promote the secretion of bile, help food digestion,Let the waist become thinner and thinner.

銆€銆€Warm Tips In the above diet therapy methods can make people become more and more thin, but must control the amount, take 30 minutes a day to exercise, only to maintain aerobic exercise control diet, can achieve the effect of weight loss.

Children’s eczema will have some kind of harm. Four types of hazards should be taken.


Children’s eczema will have some kind of harm. Four types of hazards should be taken.

Appearance of the appearance of the skin Parents may search the Internet for some information when the baby eczema, then it is likely to see some pictures of baby eczema, some pictures will scare you.

Children’s eczema can become very serious if not properly treated, and the skin will ooze, smash, and become unrecognizable.

Affect the baby’s healthy growth Because eczema is often accompanied by headache itching, itching will affect the baby’s sleep quality and appetite, which will make the baby’s immunity worse, may cause allergies and other diseases.

Repeated episodes of eczema due to improper use of drugs, resulting in repeated episodes of baby eczema, which will not only cause the baby’s skin to become thinner due to hormonal drugs, pigmentation, pigmentation and even rebound dermatitis.

It will also have an impact on your baby’s future life. Eczema is always recurrent and may cause your baby to feel inferior.

It can induce other diseases. Eczema of the baby may be caused by allergies. Even if it is treated now, it may leave some pathogenic factors. According to the survey, about 30%-80% of children with eczema may have other allergies in the future.Sexual diseases, some may occur after three or four years old, and allergic rhinitis may occur after the age of seven.