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Health care is on time

TCM health care emphasizes the harmony between man and nature, the environment and society, respects the inherent life rhythm of the human body, and adopts the theory and practice of specific health care such as the unity of form and spirit, the combination of dynamics and statics, and the combination of work and rest, to prevent micro-duration and precaution.
Therefore, the health care is on time, work and rest on time, exercise and sleep on time, and carry out various physiological activities on time to achieve the purpose of health and longevity.
銆€銆€Resting on time Many people feel tired when they go to rest. In fact, it is too late to rest.
Because, when people feel tired, fatigue has reached a certain degree, then rest takes more time to eliminate fatigue.
Excessive fatigue leaves a hidden danger to the disease.
After a period of work, take a break and pay attention to the combination of work and rest, not only will quickly eliminate the fatigue, but also improve the efficiency of work and study, the body’s yin and yang can also be adjusted and balanced.
銆€銆€鎸夋椂閿荤偧銆€銆€鎴戝浗杩戝勾鍐咃紝绯栧翱鐥呫€侀珮琛€鍘嬨€侀珮琛€鑴傘€佸啝蹇冪梾鍜岄璐ㄥ鐢熺瓑鑰佸勾鐥呭凡鍛堝勾杞诲寲瓒嬪娍锛屽嵆闈掑.骞存偅鑰呮棩鐩婂澶氾紝闈掑勾鑴傝偑鑲濇偅鑰呯殑澧炲姞鏇存槸鎯婁汉锛岃繖浜涢兘涓庝粬浠琋ot exercising, eating too much and drinking too much.
Therefore, young people should pay attention to their own lifestyle and develop a good habit of exercising.
Exercise on time every day, develop habits, and greatly benefit health.
銆€銆€Drinking water on time Thirst, suggesting that the lack of water in the body is quite serious, it is too late to replenish it.
According to the survey, people who have regular drinking habits, constipation, urinary calculi are significantly reduced to people who do not drink often.
Moreover, it also has a preventive effect on serious diseases such as myocardial infarction and stroke.
鍥犳锛岃€佸勾浜恒€佸姩鑴夌‖鍖栥€侀珮琛€鑴傘€佽娑查粡绋犮€佸啝蹇冪梾鍜屼腑椋庣梾浜猴紝浠ュ強瀵规按鐩稿闇€瑕佽緝澶氱殑瀛曚骇濡囥€侀潚灏戝勾鍜屽┐鍎匡紝鏇村簲璇ュ吇鎴愮粡甯搁ギ姘寸殑涔犳儻銆€銆€鎸夋椂浣撴銆€銆€姣忓勾鐨勫仴搴锋煡浣揂 large number of serious diseases such as hepatitis, tuberculosis, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc. are often found.
In fact, many diseases are difficult to find early on by self-perception. Only when you go to the hospital for a health check regularly, can you find it early and treat it early.
Therefore, you should go to the hospital for regular medical examinations.
銆€銆€Going to the toilet on time Many people go to the toilet when they are conscientious, even if they don’t understand.
This is extremely unhealthy for health. The urine and urine stay in the body for too long, which may cause constipation or over-filling of the bladder, and may even cause toxic substances in the feces and urine to be absorbed by the body, resulting in “home poisoning.”
Therefore, the habit of regular bowel movement should be developed, especially in the morning.
Regular solution can prevent constipation and reduce the chance of colorectal cancer, and it is also beneficial for patients with acne.
銆€銆€Sleeping on time Many people are not sleepy or sleepy. They mistakenly think that sleepiness is a signal that they should sleep. In fact, sleepiness is a sign of the brain’s fatigue. You should not wait until then to go to sleep.
Develop a good habit of sleeping on time, not only can protect the brain, but also easy to fall asleep, and can improve sleep quality and reduce insomnia.
銆€銆€Eating on time Some people in life are not eating on time, but not hungry or eating.
This practice can easily damage the stomach and weaken the body’s ability to resist disease.
Because the food stays in the stomach for only four to five hours, when the person feels hungry, the stomach has already been emptied, and the gastric mucosa will “self-digest” the gastric juice, which may easily cause gastritis and peptic ulcer.

Big aunt came to remember the ten taboos


Big aunt came to remember the ten taboos

Dysmenorrhea must be one of the most troublesome and troublesome things for girls.

Many people have unspeakable pain, even stomach pain, and some have symptoms such as abdominal pain and low back pain during menstruation.

Therefore, in the face of these, during the aunt’s aunt, you must pay attention to these taboos, the big aunt’s top ten taboos, and avoid the waist.

During menstruation, backache is very normal, caused by pelvic congestion. If we beat the waist at this time, it will aggravate the backache, which will cause excessive bleeding and prolong menstruation.

2, avoid sedentary.

Sedentary a small amount of local capillaries under pressure, affecting blood circulation, blood can not flow smoothly, it is easy to cause pelvic congestion, will also let the sanitary napkins close to the vulva to breed bacteria.

3, avoid cold and spicy.

Eating cold and spicy food will prolong menstrual errors and cause menstrual cramps.

4, avoid blood movement.

Menstrual fatigue is felt during the menstrual period. If the short-term exercise is more fatigued, and the exercise will cause excessive bleeding, prolong the menstrual period.

5, avoid bathing in the bath.

The bathing bath will wash the body’s bacterial reproductions in the water, and the bathing bath will easily allow the sewage to enter the vagina and cause infection.

6, avoid drinking alcohol.

During menstruation, the enzyme that breaks down alcohol receives a decrease in the secretion of hormones, so that it can not quickly decompose the body’s alcohol, which may cause alcoholism, and the alcohol will increase the amount of menstruation.

7, avoid swimming during menstruation.

In the public swimming pool, it is inevitable that bacteria will come and be brought in by people. It is easy to make sewage into the vagina during menstruation, which will cause cross infection.

8, avoid tooth extraction.

Menstrual thrombocytopenia, coagulation is weakened, this time the tooth extraction will cause major bleeding.

9, avoid sexual intercourse.

Do not go to the house during menstruation, because menstruation is endometrial replacement, this time the house, causing damage to the uterus, it is easy to bring in bacteria, increase the amount of menstruation, prolong the menstrual period.

10, avoid wearing tight pants.

Wearing tight pants is not easy to breed bacteria, and it is not conducive to blood circulation can cause menstrual pain.

During the big aunt’s five major attentions, you should keep your mood comfortable.

During menstruation, women are prone to irritability. This is because of the effects of hormone secretion in the receptor. If we do not control our emotions at this time, it will in turn affect the secretion of hormones, worsening our mood, prolonging menstruation, and forming malignancy.Cycles, more serious, may cause menstrual disturbances.

Therefore, we must maintain a good mentality during menstruation and keep a good mood.

2, pay attention to cleanliness.

During menstruation, when resistance is weak, bacteria are easy to invade, so this time should pay more attention to cleanliness.

Use a special basin to clean the vulva, preferably with warm water, because the water temperature of the water heater is not high enough to kill bacteria in the water.

Always wash your hands before changing the sanitary napkin and after changing the sanitary napkin.

3, to eat light.

During menstruation, digestive function is weakened. At this time, we should eat some foods that are easy to digest, but we must also ensure that the nutrition is reasonable every day.

Avoid eating stimulating foods that affect menstrual flow.

4, pay attention to keep warm.

During menstruation, the body’s defense function is weakened. At this time, you should pay attention to cold and warmth to prevent colds, especially pay attention to the uterus to keep warm. If the uterus is cold, it will cause menstrual pain.

If you have menstrual pain, you can use a hot water bottle on your lower abdomen to relieve pain.

5, you must change the sanitary napkins.

Sanitary napkins are not breathable, and there are excretions inside. It is easy to breed bacteria, cause vaginal secretions to infect, and cause vaginitis and other symptoms.

Therefore, sanitary napkins should be changed frequently, usually for 2-3 hours. No matter how much or less the volume is, it must be changed in time.

How to deal with the static and dynamic problems in practice

How to deal with the static and dynamic problems in practice

The combination of dynamic and static means, on the one hand, the emphasis on the close combination of static and dynamic work in the practice mode, and on the other hand, it means to master the “moving in the movement” when practicing the exercise, and to understand the “quietness” when practicing the static work.There is movement.”
Movement, refers to the movement of the “smoke” (feeling) outside the body and the body, the former can be regarded as “external movement”, while the latter can be regarded as “internal movement”.
Static, refers to the physical and spiritual tranquility, the former can be regarded as “outside static”, the latter can be regarded as “internal static.”
銆€銆€Movement and static are relative and dialectical.
銆€銆€Static work is mainly exercise inside the body, without physical activity, musculoskeletal exercise.
There are a lot of physical activity and musculoskeletal exercise, which is conducive to the initial dredging of the meridians, which is conducive to calming after the blood and blood clearing.
For the first-time practitioners, the movements of the limbs help to concentrate attention, and it is a common path for beginners to achieve static by moving.
銆€銆€Static static is not absolute static, although there is no physical movement, but the blood runs under its own law in the state of high brain static state, and its subtle changes are not understood by the dynamics.
No physical movements, more focused.
The deeper the degree of statication, the more sensitive and reflective the body is, which is the more advanced qigong state.
In this state of qigong, our understanding of the subjective and objective world will further improve the development of various functions of human beings.
銆€銆€In the choice of exercises, we believe that it is appropriate for beginners to learn the first move, then move and calm, and finally transition to static.
銆€銆€In practice, no matter whether it is static or dynamic, it must be based on static.
When practicing static work, it is necessary to do external static movements and seek for movement in silence; when practicing the exercise, it is necessary to be static in the external movement and calm in the movement.
Otherwise, practicing Qigong is no different from doing gymnastics.
銆€銆€Specifically, practitioners can be based on their specific physical conditions (such as age, gender, physical fitness, personality, practice progress, etc., such as patients, but also need to consider the type of disease and course of disease, etc.), the dynamic and static work organicallyCombine to exercise.
From the point of view of physical strength, the physical strength can be less, the physical strength is good, and the general is not fatigue.
From the condition of the disease, the condition is heavier and the constitution is weaker. It can be based on static work. With the improvement of the condition and physical fitness, the exercise should be gradually increased. After reaching a certain level, the work should be based on static work.
In terms of time, the morning is quiet and then moved, so that the spirit can be fully invested in the activities of the day; the evening should be moved first and then quiet, in order to sleep quietly.
These should be determined according to the specific circumstances and flexible.
Each practitioner should adjust the information according to the feedback in time. After a long time, you can slowly experience the 鈥渄egree鈥?of it, and you will be able to handle the movements and problems in the practice.