Sometimes you can’t bathe blindly


Sometimes you can’t bathe blindly

Sometimes it is indispensable for us to bathe blindly. Every time we take a shower, we feel soothed, the tension of working for a day is relieved, and some sweat is washed away. It can be said that it is right.The body is very helpful.

So when is the best bathing, this is also learned.

Different bath time effects are not the same. When is the best time to take a bath, let’s take a look at it: 1. After taking a job, it is not advisable to take a shower immediately. After mental work or physical labor, you should take a rest and take a shower, otherwise it will easily cause a heart.The brain has insufficient blood supply and even fainting.

2, cold fever should not be taken right away when the body temperature rises to 38 掳 C, the body’s consumption can increase by 20%, the body is relatively weak, at this time the bath is prone to accidents.

3, when the blood pressure is too low, it is not suitable to take a bath. Because the water temperature is high when taking a bath, the blood vessels can be dilated, and people with low blood pressure are prone to collapse.

銆€銆€4, after drinking alcohol, it is not advisable to bathe after drinking, blood sugar can not be replenished in time, prone to dizziness, vertigo, weakness, severe hypoglycemia coma may occur.

銆€銆€5, after a meal and drought, it is not advisable to take a bath after a full meal, and the blood vessels of the skin are stimulated by hot water to expand. The changed blood flows to the body surface, and the blood supply to the abdominal cavity is relatively reduced, which will affect digestion and absorption. Bathing during sleep is easy to cause hypoglycemia.Even collapsed and passed out.

In fact, everyone can’t completely bathe according to their own habits, otherwise it will be extremely unfavorable to the body. People’s physical conditions at different ages will be very different, and avoid the physical trouble brought by mistaken bathing.


6 weight loss methods make you more and more fat


6 weight loss methods make you more and more fat

Many times, women will try to lose weight for a perfect body.

But what is unacceptable is that he has abandoned the food and insisted on sports every day but immediately rebounded.

And this may be that you have entered the misunderstanding of losing weight.

Let’s take a look at what you have touched the weight loss misunderstanding.

銆€銆€The most common way to lose weight is to eat junk food. Many people say that as long as we control the transfer that needs to be transferred every day, no matter what food, it is not wrong.

However, if you only eat these foods that are only a little but not nutritious every day, although they will become thinner at the beginning, they will all run back because of the lack of nutrition.

銆€銆€This method of eating vegetables and fruits, eating vegetables and fruits is more suitable for many people, because the idea of these people is that I do not eat those foods with high conversion, and the low-level foods such as fruits and vegetables can lose weight.

However, most people who only eat fruits and vegetables lose weight often cause the object to be counterproductive because of insufficient weight, thus becoming overeating and letting the weight rise back.

銆€銆€Excessive exercise to lose weight Some people think that exercise can lose weight, and then go to exercise to lose weight, but want to speed up the speed of weight loss, every day excessive exercise.

However, this extreme practice is very harmful to the body, it is easy to bring a great burden to the body, resulting in muscle strain.

If you can’t exercise at this time, you will let the fat come back.

Therefore, it is best to exercise in moderation during normal times, and then stick to it every day, so that you can achieve weight loss.

銆€銆€Eating diet pills to lose weight pills is a relatively new method in recent years, but the harm of drugs to the body is great.

And sometimes you can only lose weight to lose weight in order to lose weight, once you stop eating diet pills, there will be a rebound, and when the drug is eaten more, its replacement will suddenly hurt our body.

銆€銆€Most of the reason for the successful rebound of weight loss is because when we lose weight successfully, we give up losing weight, and then start the lifestyle of overeating, so there may not be a rebound.

So when weight loss is successful, we still have to keep the pace of weight loss, but we can slow down this rhythm a little.

銆€銆€The lack of exercise in weight loss causes obesity because of lower metabolism.

In addition to exercise can increase the metabolic rate, other methods of weight loss do not have this effect, so if you lose weight without exercise, its metabolic rate does not improve, and rebound is a normal thing.

Health is not cold, everything is white!


Health is not cold, everything is white!

Health is not cold, everything is white!
Everything is caused by the cold, and the cold is born from the feet!

The old roots of the tree die first, and the old feet are weak!

Women do not chill, there will be a small belly!

Women do not chill, rheumatism chasing kidney plate!

The woman does not chill, the tumor is wrapped around!

The woman is not cold, her hands and feet are cold!

Women are not cold, depression is very troublesome!

Women do not chill, and often have headaches!

Women are not cold, indigenous people must be difficult!

Women don’t chill, youth doesn’t return!

Women do not ventilate, longevity is far away!

Cold, damp, detox!


Women must be good to themselves is love cold and cold, some people say cold, some say hot, some say too comfortable, the same care, the same techniques, different physique, different effects, once done once!

Toxin is equivalent to chronic poisoning in the body. It erodes your health little by little. Chinese medicine says that it is cold to heat, and cures people!

You can’t stand this little cold, little heat, and you can afford to spend the rest of your life sleeping in the bed of the sky, cold and wet, from now on!

Does body cold have some manifestation?

Cold under the navel Palace cold!

Cold on the navel stomach cold!

Cold on the waist with pulse cold!

Cold on the shoulders.

The arm is cold and cool.

Called cold and cold bladder deficiency!

The back of the hand is cold and cool.

Cold thighs spleen and stomach deficiency!

The calf is cold and cool.

First grade cold and wet: in the epidermis, symptoms: skin itching, long eczema secondary cold and wet: in the muscles, symptoms: acid, sleepy, tired, boring, such as shoulder and neck hypertrophy, acid sleep, backache, fatigue, joint acid sleepy.

Three levels of cold and wet: in the bones, that is, bone cold and wet, symptoms: frozen shoulder, cervical spondylosis, shoulder pain.

Hard, low back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, pain in the joints.

The cold of the body cold blood, cold, bone cold, palace cold, kidney cold, lung cold, stomach cold, liver cold.

Long-term cold will be painful, long-term pain will be empty, long-term deficiency will be more and more modern diseases of all kinds of diseases, the most common diseases, have a direct relationship with the body cold and wet.

Because, cold and cool constitution, can lead to meridians in the body, blood impurities, the metabolites of various organs can not be discharged in time, leading to blood vessels and meridians, leading to the decline of immunity of skin, organs, cells, and premature aging, premature death!

Body cold, causing bone marrow hematopoietic cells to reduce blood is the energy flowing in the body. When the body is cold, the vitality of the hematopoietic stem cells of the bone marrow is reduced, so that the blood energy of the whole body is gradually reduced, and the functions of various parts are not up to the best state of health.

If you work in a state of blood pollution, condensation, and reduction for a long time, your body will naturally have various problems.

Body cold, causing tens of thousands of heart and brain arteriosclerosis, due to the decrease in body temperature, the blood vessels in the body are blocked and become no longer smooth, causing metabolites to accumulate in the vascular channel, increasing the thickness of the blood vessel wall, and prolonging the accumulation of toxins., precipitation, resulting in insufficient supply of blood, lack of energy in the body, the function of various organs can not function properly, leading to deterioration of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Body cold, causing high-risk death of various cancers, delays the timely discharge of various metabolic toxins in the body, causing the clogging of the internal gas veins, causing people’s calories and physical strength to fall; excessive pressure, coupled with unreasonableDiet causes imbalance in the body’s nutrition, resulting in various complications, high incidence and recurrence of cancer.

Body cold, affecting the healthy development of the newborn, cold, will cause kidney deficiency, endocrine system disorders, if the parents are pregnant in the case of cold, the congenital quality is not good, the child’s future health is bound to be affectedIt is “harming yourself and ruining the child’s life.”Body cold, causing the body’s immune repair ability to decline, long-term body cold, will lead to low body temperature, it will lead to the body’s main immunity – white blood cells lose vitality, so that the body’s self-healing repair system loses function, causing physiological diseases, andOnce you get sick, it is mostly a long-term cure, and a small expected disaster.

Body cold, causing long-term coldness of skin and joints, skin will be loose, no luster, prone to “spot, wrinkles and sensitive”; that is, using the best skin care products, the effect will not be ideal; at the same time body type, jointsIt will also deform, often backache; because body cold will lead to slow metabolism, weakened nutrient absorption and synthesis, a large amount of toxins accumulate, collagen loss, bad adults will also hoard in internal organs, even in blood vessels, leading to aging.