Children’s eczema will have some kind of harm. Four types of hazards should be taken.


Children’s eczema will have some kind of harm. Four types of hazards should be taken.

Appearance of the appearance of the skin Parents may search the Internet for some information when the baby eczema, then it is likely to see some pictures of baby eczema, some pictures will scare you.

Children’s eczema can become very serious if not properly treated, and the skin will ooze, smash, and become unrecognizable.

Affect the baby’s healthy growth Because eczema is often accompanied by headache itching, itching will affect the baby’s sleep quality and appetite, which will make the baby’s immunity worse, may cause allergies and other diseases.

Repeated episodes of eczema due to improper use of drugs, resulting in repeated episodes of baby eczema, which will not only cause the baby’s skin to become thinner due to hormonal drugs, pigmentation, pigmentation and even rebound dermatitis.

It will also have an impact on your baby’s future life. Eczema is always recurrent and may cause your baby to feel inferior.

It can induce other diseases. Eczema of the baby may be caused by allergies. Even if it is treated now, it may leave some pathogenic factors. According to the survey, about 30%-80% of children with eczema may have other allergies in the future.Sexual diseases, some may occur after three or four years old, and allergic rhinitis may occur after the age of seven.

Health is not cold, everything is white!


Health is not cold, everything is white!

Health is not cold, everything is white!
Everything is caused by the cold, and the cold is born from the feet!

The old roots of the tree die first, and the old feet are weak!

Women do not chill, there will be a small belly!

Women do not chill, rheumatism chasing kidney plate!

The woman does not chill, the tumor is wrapped around!

The woman is not cold, her hands and feet are cold!

Women are not cold, depression is very troublesome!

Women do not chill, and often have headaches!

Women are not cold, indigenous people must be difficult!

Women don’t chill, youth doesn’t return!

Women do not ventilate, longevity is far away!

Cold, damp, detox!


Women must be good to themselves is love cold and cold, some people say cold, some say hot, some say too comfortable, the same care, the same techniques, different physique, different effects, once done once!

Toxin is equivalent to chronic poisoning in the body. It erodes your health little by little. Chinese medicine says that it is cold to heat, and cures people!

You can’t stand this little cold, little heat, and you can afford to spend the rest of your life sleeping in the bed of the sky, cold and wet, from now on!

Does body cold have some manifestation?

Cold under the navel Palace cold!

Cold on the navel stomach cold!

Cold on the waist with pulse cold!

Cold on the shoulders.

The arm is cold and cool.

Called cold and cold bladder deficiency!

The back of the hand is cold and cool.

Cold thighs spleen and stomach deficiency!

The calf is cold and cool.

First grade cold and wet: in the epidermis, symptoms: skin itching, long eczema secondary cold and wet: in the muscles, symptoms: acid, sleepy, tired, boring, such as shoulder and neck hypertrophy, acid sleep, backache, fatigue, joint acid sleepy.

Three levels of cold and wet: in the bones, that is, bone cold and wet, symptoms: frozen shoulder, cervical spondylosis, shoulder pain.

Hard, low back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, pain in the joints.

The cold of the body cold blood, cold, bone cold, palace cold, kidney cold, lung cold, stomach cold, liver cold.

Long-term cold will be painful, long-term pain will be empty, long-term deficiency will be more and more modern diseases of all kinds of diseases, the most common diseases, have a direct relationship with the body cold and wet.

Because, cold and cool constitution, can lead to meridians in the body, blood impurities, the metabolites of various organs can not be discharged in time, leading to blood vessels and meridians, leading to the decline of immunity of skin, organs, cells, and premature aging, premature death!

Body cold, causing bone marrow hematopoietic cells to reduce blood is the energy flowing in the body. When the body is cold, the vitality of the hematopoietic stem cells of the bone marrow is reduced, so that the blood energy of the whole body is gradually reduced, and the functions of various parts are not up to the best state of health.

If you work in a state of blood pollution, condensation, and reduction for a long time, your body will naturally have various problems.

Body cold, causing tens of thousands of heart and brain arteriosclerosis, due to the decrease in body temperature, the blood vessels in the body are blocked and become no longer smooth, causing metabolites to accumulate in the vascular channel, increasing the thickness of the blood vessel wall, and prolonging the accumulation of toxins., precipitation, resulting in insufficient supply of blood, lack of energy in the body, the function of various organs can not function properly, leading to deterioration of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Body cold, causing high-risk death of various cancers, delays the timely discharge of various metabolic toxins in the body, causing the clogging of the internal gas veins, causing people’s calories and physical strength to fall; excessive pressure, coupled with unreasonableDiet causes imbalance in the body’s nutrition, resulting in various complications, high incidence and recurrence of cancer.

Body cold, affecting the healthy development of the newborn, cold, will cause kidney deficiency, endocrine system disorders, if the parents are pregnant in the case of cold, the congenital quality is not good, the child’s future health is bound to be affectedIt is “harming yourself and ruining the child’s life.”Body cold, causing the body’s immune repair ability to decline, long-term body cold, will lead to low body temperature, it will lead to the body’s main immunity – white blood cells lose vitality, so that the body’s self-healing repair system loses function, causing physiological diseases, andOnce you get sick, it is mostly a long-term cure, and a small expected disaster.

Body cold, causing long-term coldness of skin and joints, skin will be loose, no luster, prone to “spot, wrinkles and sensitive”; that is, using the best skin care products, the effect will not be ideal; at the same time body type, jointsIt will also deform, often backache; because body cold will lead to slow metabolism, weakened nutrient absorption and synthesis, a large amount of toxins accumulate, collagen loss, bad adults will also hoard in internal organs, even in blood vessels, leading to aging.

According to what selective love posture?

According to what selective love posture?

The sexual life of a fish is to learn from both men and women.

When is the attitude to adopt, it is also learning.

Choosing the right posture correctly can not only increase your fun, but also 鈥渄o it鈥?healthier.


hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€瀹滅敺涓婂コ涓嬬殑鎯呭喌銆€銆€鐢辨柤涓嶅悓鎬т氦濮垮娍鍚勬湁鐗瑰埆涔嬪锛岀敺濂冲彲鍥犲簲褰兼涓嶅悓鎯呭喌锛屾敼鍙樻€т氦濮垮娍銆傘€€銆€Newly married women may be more passive, and if the woman’s sexual experience is insufficient, the traditional male style is appropriate.

銆€銆€If you want to become pregnant, it is better to use a man and a woman. It is best to raise the woman’s buttocks so that the semen is stored in the uterus and tilt backwards. It is best to use the knee and chest position to help the semen flow to the endometrium.

銆€銆€The situation of the laterally ill position is old and sick: sick, old, fatigue, high and uncoordinated, etc., can be used in the lateral position, which is the most labor-saving position.

銆€銆€There are waist patients: the amount of activity is reduced and labor-saving, to avoid the old problems caused by excessive movement.

It is best to use the woman’s knee chest position, the man’s previous position.

銆€銆€Suitable female or female follow-up is helpful for the treatment of multiple sexual dysfunction, such as impotence, premature ejaculation and female sexual sensation.

銆€銆€Pregnant women should avoid direct weight on the abdomen during sexual intercourse. If the woman is lying on her back, the man can take a seat or a seat, or use a backward movement.

銆€銆€Women with low back pain use women to go to the law.

When the man is in the back, the man should bear the weight with his elbows and his knees to avoid pressing the whole weight on the woman.

The man has low back pain, the woman’s knee and chest position, the man standing.

銆€銆€Obese people, especially those who are obese on both sides, can use the woman’s supine position and place the buttocks at the bedside, and the man stands.

Summer health and high temperature disease beat armpits and arm sockets


Summer health and high temperature disease beat armpits and arm sockets

In order to prevent “summer fever”, in your leisure time, you may want to pat your own armpits, armpits, navel fossa, lumbosacral fossa and elbow fossa.

銆€銆€The nest is located at the back of the knee joint and is more pronounced when it is bent over the knee.

The armpit is full of sputum, with important blood vessels and nerves passing through.

銆€銆€Method: Take a sitting position or a prone position, or ask your family to use both hands to slap the force and continuously pat the pair of armpits.

銆€銆€Role: often beat the armpits to have qi and activating blood, scattered silt and phlegm, Shujin Tongluo, relieve the effect of obstruction.

For general health care, you can tap 100 repeatedly?
200 times; used to prevent heat stroke, must take more shots until the purple print; to relieve the armpits to relieve headaches and eliminate fatigue and fatigue, etc., can be repeatedly beaten many times, to their own tolerance.

銆€銆€澶忓ぉ涓殤寤朵几闃呰锛歔澶忓鍑犵鑽荡闃蹭腑鏆慮 [澶忓ぉ涓殤鐨勭被鍨媇 [澶忓鍏荤敓–濡備綍澶勭悊涓殤] [涓殤鍚庣殑楗绂佸繉] [涓殤鐨勬晳鎶ゆ柟娉昡 [棰勯槻涓殤鐨勯鐗銆€銆€鑲樼獫 Located in front of the elbow joint, it is a triangular depression.

The shallow part of the elbow fossa has a fractured biceps aponeurosis, and the deep part is filled with loose connective tissue, and there are blood vessels and nerve trunks.

銆€銆€Method: Take the sitting position or supine position, insert the upper limb straight, the elbow fossa upwards, use the other hand to palm the force, alternately beat each 100?
200 times.

If the family is helping to tap, you can do it in both directions.

銆€銆€Role: pat the elbow fossa has the effect of qi and activating blood, dispersing silt and poisoning.

If used to prevent heat stroke, you must take more shots until you take a purple print.

銆€銆€The armpit is commonly known as the “bone fossa” and is located below the shoulder, with a depression between the upper arm and the chest arm.

For hypertension and upper limb vascular and neural pathways, it is a collection of axillary arteries, veins, brachial plexus, and axillary lymph node tissue.

銆€銆€Method: Raise the left hand, palm up, use the palm of your right hand to pat the left arm; then lift the right hand and use your left hand to pat the right arm, each time tapping 30?
50 times, repeated 5 times.

銆€銆€Function: tapping the armpit has the effect of wide chest and nerves, clearing heat and relieving heat.

銆€銆€The navel fossa is located on the midline of the abdomen at the level of the anterior superior iliac spine. The diameter is about 1?
2 cm.

銆€銆€Method: Take the sitting position or the supine position, use the left and right hands to slap the palms, and use the forearm to force the umbilical nest 100 continuously.
200 times.

During operation, the wrist joint is fixed or slightly moved, and the flexion and extension of the elbow joint is centered. The operator can perform deep inhalation after the abdominal type, and the force of the tapping is light and heavy, and the healthy person can even increase the number of beats and strength.
銆€銆€Role: often beat the navel fossa to calm the nerves, reconcile the blood, Shugan Lidan, Yifei Gushen, Tongli Sanjiao, regulate the effect of meridians.

銆€銆€The lumbosacral fossa is the “wolf” formed by the lumbosacral portion of the human body. Obesity and the “women” of pregnant women are more obvious.

The lumbosacral fossa is the most insulting place for the human body, and it is also the most vulnerable.

Therefore, it is expected to take more shots than usual.

銆€銆€Method: Take the elbow sitting position, the upper body slightly down and down, use the left and right hands to palm, and pat the lumbosacral section forward or horizontally, repeat 3?
5 times.

Especially the humerus and humerus, the force can be slightly heavier.

When operating, the beat should have a rhythm, and the force should be light and heavy.

銆€銆€Role: This method has the effect of regulating blood, promoting circulation, loosening muscles, clearing heat and eliminating heat, and eliminating fatigue.

Women gain weight and body remedies: walnut meat


Women gain weight and body remedies: walnut meat

[鍘熸枡]銆€銆€椴滅尓鑲?00鍏嬶紝鏍告浠?50鍏嬶紝璞嗙摚钁便€佽姳鐢熸补銆佺簿鐩愩€佸懗绮俱€侀浮铔嬫竻銆佹按娣€绮夈€侀唻銆侀娌瑰悇閫傞噺銆傘€€銆€[鍒舵硶]銆€銆€1.Wash the pork and slice it to a thickness of about 1.

A large piece of 2 cm, with multiple cross flowers on both sides, and then grows into strips, and the top knife is changed to about 1.

2 cm square D, put into the bowl, add salt, MSG, egg white, water starch pickled sizing.


Soak the walnut kernels in warm water for a while, peel off the kernels and pour them into pieces of corn size.


Add water, salt, monosodium glutamate, water starch and sesame oil to the sauce.


Peanut oil is added to the pot, and it is burned to medium temperature with medium heat. When the heat is cooked, the cooked meat is cooked and the oil is removed.


The oil in the pot continues to warm up. When the oil rises to six or 70%, the walnuts are fried and the oil is removed.


Leave a small amount of base oil in the pot, stir fry with watercress, cook in vinegar, then pour in diced meat, walnuts and a good taste of juice, quickly stir fry until the juice is ready to serve.

銆€銆€[鐗圭偣]銆€銆€鑲夌儌鐔燂紝鏍告浠侀叆棣欙紝鏁磋彍淇冭繘椋熸銆傘€€銆€[鍔熸晥]銆€銆€姝よ彍鍏锋湁婊嬭倽闃淬€佷赴鑲岃偆銆侀€氳鑴夈€侀粦椤诲彂绛夋晥鑳姐€傘€€銆€Pork has “tonifying kidney liquid, filling the stomach juice, nourishing the liver and yin; moisturizing the skin, benefiting the two, stopping the thirst.”


“Roche will pay attention to medical mirrors” said pork: “The meat smells the best, can lead to more food, long-term strength, and spirit.

“Walnut kernel has the name of “longevity fruit.”

Traditional traditional medicine has always regarded it as a nourishing and strong agent. Regular food can make a thin person fat, make the skin full and more fit.

In short, thin women often eat this dish can make the skin delicate, black hair, beautiful face, is a good fitness, skin care, beauty of women.

Weight loss misunderstanding – why can’t lose weight?


Mistakes in weight loss: why can’t lose weight?

Losing weight needs to be different from the willpower and determination of ordinary people, so many people are halfway.

However, some people find that they lose weight and continue to lose weight, or the weight that just lost has rebounded quickly.

Do you know why?

Private words let you recognize the weight loss misunderstanding, you can successfully reduce the meat.

銆€銆€Why can’t we lose weight and can’t resist the food? Many people can’t resist the temptation of food. They can’t make a balanced distribution in the diet. The income and expenditure of the transformation cannot be balanced, which is also one of the important factors that cause slight growth.

銆€銆€Why can’t weight loss be reduced? The ostrich mentality is often lost to women. It is clear that they want to lose weight and are afraid of others knowing that they can’t get approval and correct help.

Obviously, he is losing weight, but he can’t admit that he is losing weight. He obviously loses some way or product, but he says that he is inexplicably slimming down. This unhealthy thought has also made many people who need to lose weight wrap up and cannot go smoothly.Successful weight loss.

銆€銆€Why can’t lose weight, self-awareness is too high, some people have too high self-awareness, obviously obesity has caused physical health damage, but dead duck mouth is hard, do not lose weight, wait until the point of unbearable or uncontrollable to seek professional doctors, isAn important factor that causes poor weight loss and poor results.

銆€銆€Why can’t lose weight, self-indulgence, obesity, some people ignore obesity, let go of a slight increase, and say that they are very fat, but their mouths are not reduced, so-called:[You don’t care, you don’t care about you]The same meaning is that negative weight loss and less positive weight loss methods do not help to alleviate obesity.

銆€銆€Why can’t weight loss be reduced? Long-term repeated weight loss often changes the weight loss method, causing the yo-yo effect. The general obesity constitution becomes a stubborn obesity constitution, does not trust the profession, and is smart enough to lose weight.

銆€銆€Why can’t lose weight, although no exercise habits can not achieve the effect of weight loss, but proper exercise can maintain the activation of body cells, and transformation, slight normal metabolism, many people not only have no habit of normal exercise, even the generalThere are very few dynamic activities, which is one of the factors that cause accumulated hoarding to become unfortunate.

銆€銆€Why can’t you lose weight? If you don’t have the right concept, the most important thing is to have the right concept. If you don’t understand the true cause of obesity, you can’t understand the factors of obesity. The obesity factor has not improved, and weight loss is futile.

銆€銆€Why can’t you lose weight, the wrong way to lose weight has no correct concept, you can find the right way to lose weight, there are many ways to lose weight, the way to lose weight is wrong, there is no right medicine, subtraction will not be effective.

銆€銆€Why is it that weight loss can’t be reduced? If you don’t have too much persistence, it will accumulate slowly. It is impossible to accumulate a decade of obesity to improve completely in one month.

The average person is quick-acting, and there is no persistent patience, which is the biggest reason for weight loss failure.

銆€銆€Why does weight loss not be reduced, lack of obesity knowledge? The lack of excessive knowledge is also one of the reasons for the failure to succeed.

Many people even lose weight in Chinese medicine, and Western medicine loses weight. They don’t understand weight loss foods or diet pills. They listen to confession, rely on TV advertisements or shopping channels, lack professional analysis and guidance, and are all in vain.the reason.

銆€銆€Why are you not thin enough?

Now you know it!

It is worth a try to gain weight and breast enhancement


It is worth a try to gain weight and breast enhancement

Women who are fuller will present a healthy beauty, so women who are thinner need to gain weight and become more sexy.

Here is a set of exercises that can both increase fat and breasts, and act quickly!

銆€銆€Today, where the weight-loss tide is concentrated, will their voices be based on the guidelines of the beauty, or will they advocate another new concept of beauty, so that the fullness and charm of the body will appear on the scene?

銆€銆€Excessively thin people want to be full of emotions are often as urgent as dieters.

How can I have a full body?

銆€銆€Moderate exercise, bodybuilding, body thinner, should not participate in sports?

Gymnastics coaches who have a good body and body skills believe that the thinners participate in moderate exercise and have a great interest in the body.

To make the body full and full of charm, thin people may wish to choose swimming, aerobics, push-ups and other sports.

In addition, the ladies do not hinder the adoption of two other effective body movements, chest exercises and stomach exercises at home.

銆€銆€The coach of the chest exercise gym thinks that the chest exercise is repeated with the arms on the chest, and the tension is mainly used to exercise the muscle lines of the chest part before, which can also help the chest to be firm and firm.

銆€銆€As soon as the movement is up, the chest is broken. Two dumbbells or two water bottles filled with water are held in the left and right hands. The arms are straight and flat on the chest, horizontally with the shoulders, and then horizontally moved toward the left and right sides.Until the angle is 180掳, return to the original position and repeat 5 times.

銆€銆€When the exercise is on an empty stomach, on the bed, the legs are naturally straightened, and after taking a deep breath, the knees are bent upwards.

Hold your legs with both hands and keep your thighs close to your abdomen.

After a few seconds, relax your legs and change back to the original condition, doing it 5 times.


The straight arm is lifted in the front and lifted up. This exercise preparation is the same as above.

During practice, the double-handed dumbbells are lifted straight in front of the straight arm. After 2-3 seconds of static force, the dumbbells are raised by the double-armed dumbbells.

This exercise can effectively develop the toe of the deltoid muscle, usually in 3-4 groups, each group doing 8-12 times.


The wide-necked push-back push can be practiced in a standing or sitting position. The practitioner is chest-high, looking straight ahead, holding the barbell wide with both hands, and straightening the straight arm by the barbell from the back of the neck.

This action can comprehensively develop the front, middle and back bundles of the deltoid muscle, usually in groups of 6-8, each group doing 4-6 times.

銆€銆€If you want to widen your front end, just stick to the above practice method and practice 2-3 times a week. After one time, you will be satisfied.

銆€銆€Happy and thin women and men in diet, there are too many picky eaters and partial eclipse.

Therefore, these bad habits should be removed and the expected amount of supplementation should be increased. The compensation should be rich and varied.

Eat more carbohydrates, pasta is the most useful, in addition, high-protein foods, vegetables and fruits can not be less, on weekdays, it is better to not leave those healthy snacks, such as peanuts, toffee, etc., drink beer and drink some juice is also goodThe idea.

銆€銆€In the case of adequate protein intake, it is advisable to eat more foods containing trace amounts of glucose (ie starch, sugar, etc.).

In this way, the excess energy can be converted into unfortunate storage under the skin, so that the thin person is physically strong.

Thinner gastrointestinal tracts are used to replace the liver of chickens, ducks, fish and sheep. After the fish are also easily digested and absorbed.

銆€銆€If you want to increase your diet, you must first achieve scientific fertilizer and increase your health.

In addition to a balanced diet, you should also maintain adequate and good sleep.

If people have enough sleep, their appetite is better, and it is also conducive to digestion and absorption of food.

Too many thin people like to live fat, play an all night, and the next day they must fight hard to go to work, seriously affecting the quality of sleep, so it is not thin to be strange.

銆€銆€Also pay attention to personal mental health.

The tension and pressure in the work, some small things in life can not be opened, more than the “crazy” learning or work of the human body load, will make people even thinner.

On the contrary, a happy state of mind and a harmonious interpersonal relationship are beneficial to fattening.

The secret that leads to the cool and hot nature of the fruit


The secret that leads to the cool and hot nature of the fruit

In the dry winter, we often hear such dietary prescriptions. 鈥淚t’s easy to get angry and eat some pears and get angry.鈥?In the hot summer, we were smashed. 鈥淒on’t eat so many lychees,Be careful with too much fire.”

Subsequently, according to these “effects” of fruits, they are basically divided into two camps divided into hot and cold.

How did the “heat” and “coolness” of fruit come about?


hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€鍏跺疄锛屽悆鑽旀灊鍚庣殑鈥滀笂鐏€濆弽搴斿苟涓嶇濂囷紝閭i兘鏄灉绯栧湪鎹i銆侷n addition to giving our tongue a hint of sweetness, lychee fructose will go to grab a job in glucose.

Who makes them grow almost exactly the same, although it can also reverse the energy substance, but the fructose to be converted into glucose in the liver can be used by us.

In this way, fructose “wakes up” a large amount of insulin, allowing the liver to lower blood sugar levels.

Carbonized glucose, including parts inside the brain, naturally does not work properly.

Many fruits that are labeled “hot” (such as durian, cherry, etc.) have high levels of fructose.

銆€銆€In addition to fructose, there are some substances in the “hot” fruit that cause the body’s reaction.

For example, eating a lot of oranges may cause a slight poisoning reaction due to excessive vitamin C, or because too much carotene is too much to “dye” the tip of the nose and the palm of the hand (in many cases, it is mistaken for jaundice).Illness on the top.

銆€銆€There is also the “coolness” of the fruit. In the impression, it seems to have something to do with “running the toilet.”

For example, yacon has such a skill.

But the real reason is that the tubers of this compositae are rich in oligo-fructose, and there is no enzyme in our stomach that can handle this sugar, which can not be digested, leading to diarrhea.

Of course, this is the same as the person who lacks lactase in the body drinks diarrhea and diarrhea. The principle is the same.

銆€銆€Another point is that the “cool” fruit has a lot of water content, which does have a certain effect on the water supply during the dry season.

From this perspective, pears (about 70%) are of course much cooler than bananas (about 60%) and oranges (about 55%).

銆€銆€In addition, in the traditional concept, many parts of the fruit also have “cold” and “hot” points, for example, “oranges get angry”, “orange peels go to fire”, “lieds go to fire”, “Litchi shells simmer underwater fire””It is a pity that the lychee shell is interrupted and there is no substance that can break down fructose. Orange peel can’t get too much carotene. Most of them are people’s wishful thinking.”

銆€銆€The examples presented here may not be sufficient to fully summarize the effect of fruit on the human body, but because of this, there is no uniform standard for labeling fruits with “cool and hot”.

How to deal with the static and dynamic problems in practice

How to deal with the static and dynamic problems in practice

The combination of dynamic and static means, on the one hand, the emphasis on the close combination of static and dynamic work in the practice mode, and on the other hand, it means to master the “moving in the movement” when practicing the exercise, and to understand the “quietness” when practicing the static work.There is movement.”
Movement, refers to the movement of the “smoke” (feeling) outside the body and the body, the former can be regarded as “external movement”, while the latter can be regarded as “internal movement”.
Static, refers to the physical and spiritual tranquility, the former can be regarded as “outside static”, the latter can be regarded as “internal static.”
銆€銆€Movement and static are relative and dialectical.
銆€銆€Static work is mainly exercise inside the body, without physical activity, musculoskeletal exercise.
There are a lot of physical activity and musculoskeletal exercise, which is conducive to the initial dredging of the meridians, which is conducive to calming after the blood and blood clearing.
For the first-time practitioners, the movements of the limbs help to concentrate attention, and it is a common path for beginners to achieve static by moving.
銆€銆€Static static is not absolute static, although there is no physical movement, but the blood runs under its own law in the state of high brain static state, and its subtle changes are not understood by the dynamics.
No physical movements, more focused.
The deeper the degree of statication, the more sensitive and reflective the body is, which is the more advanced qigong state.
In this state of qigong, our understanding of the subjective and objective world will further improve the development of various functions of human beings.
銆€銆€In the choice of exercises, we believe that it is appropriate for beginners to learn the first move, then move and calm, and finally transition to static.
銆€銆€In practice, no matter whether it is static or dynamic, it must be based on static.
When practicing static work, it is necessary to do external static movements and seek for movement in silence; when practicing the exercise, it is necessary to be static in the external movement and calm in the movement.
Otherwise, practicing Qigong is no different from doing gymnastics.
銆€銆€Specifically, practitioners can be based on their specific physical conditions (such as age, gender, physical fitness, personality, practice progress, etc., such as patients, but also need to consider the type of disease and course of disease, etc.), the dynamic and static work organicallyCombine to exercise.
From the point of view of physical strength, the physical strength can be less, the physical strength is good, and the general is not fatigue.
From the condition of the disease, the condition is heavier and the constitution is weaker. It can be based on static work. With the improvement of the condition and physical fitness, the exercise should be gradually increased. After reaching a certain level, the work should be based on static work.
In terms of time, the morning is quiet and then moved, so that the spirit can be fully invested in the activities of the day; the evening should be moved first and then quiet, in order to sleep quietly.
These should be determined according to the specific circumstances and flexible.
Each practitioner should adjust the information according to the feedback in time. After a long time, you can slowly experience the 鈥渄egree鈥?of it, and you will be able to handle the movements and problems in the practice.

“hot springs” warming up, beware of spa diseases

As the weather turned cold, the hot springs gradually warmed up, especially in the warm outdoor hot spring pool, watching the snow falling around, feeling quite novel.
However, some tourists have caused “spa disease” because they do not understand the health knowledge of hot springs.
  Recently, the number of hot spring tour registrations of various travel agencies has been rising, but many tourists returned to the travel agency to report that they caused various physical discomforts due to hot springs.
After returning from the hot springs, Ms. Ma and her mother found symptoms of peeling and itching in the whole body. Later, I learned that it was caused by the hot spring time and caused “hot spring skin disease.”
Travel agencies said that most of the hot spring tours organized by travel agencies are not limited. Therefore, many tourists who try to soak in hot springs will be soaked in hot springs for a long time because of curiosity, which is easy to cause “spa disease.”
  It is understood that among the tourists who cause discomfort due to hot springs, the elderly and children are mostly.
According to dermatologists, the minerals in the hot springs are good for human health. The proper amount of hot springs in the whole year can not only relieve stress, but also have certain therapeutic effects on certain skin diseases.
However, due to the dry climate in winter, the skin sweat glands and sebaceous glands shrink, the function of the skin protective film is reduced, and the skin protective film is easily damaged by prolonged hot springs or scalding, and the skin is itchy and skin allergic due to contact with other undesirable substances.
The skin of the elderly and children is fragile and the skin resistance is relatively low, making it a high-risk group of “hot spring skin diseases”.
  In addition, experts remind the public that the following situations are not suitable for hot springs.
When you are hungry, you should not take hot springs immediately. It may cause dizziness, vomiting and fatigue. If you have insufficient sleep or stay up all night, you may not have a hot spring. Shock or brain ischemia may occur. You may not eat or drink alcohol.If you take a hot spring right away, you may have indigestion and cerebral hemorrhage. If you have heart disease, high blood pressure or arteriosclerosis, you should slowly warm your body with warm water before you take a hot spring. Then you can soak in the hot spring.