Sometimes you can’t bathe blindly


Sometimes you can’t bathe blindly

Sometimes it is indispensable for us to bathe blindly. Every time we take a shower, we feel soothed, the tension of working for a day is relieved, and some sweat is washed away. It can be said that it is right.The body is very helpful.

So when is the best bathing, this is also learned.

Different bath time effects are not the same. When is the best time to take a bath, let’s take a look at it: 1. After taking a job, it is not advisable to take a shower immediately. After mental work or physical labor, you should take a rest and take a shower, otherwise it will easily cause a heart.The brain has insufficient blood supply and even fainting.

2, cold fever should not be taken right away when the body temperature rises to 38 掳 C, the body’s consumption can increase by 20%, the body is relatively weak, at this time the bath is prone to accidents.

3, when the blood pressure is too low, it is not suitable to take a bath. Because the water temperature is high when taking a bath, the blood vessels can be dilated, and people with low blood pressure are prone to collapse.

銆€銆€4, after drinking alcohol, it is not advisable to bathe after drinking, blood sugar can not be replenished in time, prone to dizziness, vertigo, weakness, severe hypoglycemia coma may occur.

銆€銆€5, after a meal and drought, it is not advisable to take a bath after a full meal, and the blood vessels of the skin are stimulated by hot water to expand. The changed blood flows to the body surface, and the blood supply to the abdominal cavity is relatively reduced, which will affect digestion and absorption. Bathing during sleep is easy to cause hypoglycemia.Even collapsed and passed out.

In fact, everyone can’t completely bathe according to their own habits, otherwise it will be extremely unfavorable to the body. People’s physical conditions at different ages will be very different, and avoid the physical trouble brought by mistaken bathing.


The role of traditional Chinese medicine in health and anti-aging


The role of traditional Chinese medicine in health and anti-aging

The theory of aging in the motherland is the cornerstone of the traditional anti-aging drug research.

It mainly includes: the theory of yin and yang, the theory of viscera, the theory of qi and blood, and the theory of righting and sorrow.

These doctrines are mutually infiltrated and complement each other to form a more complete theoretical system.

銆€銆€The unique rule of traditional Chinese medicine health and anti-decay is mainly the basic characteristics of the motherland medicine. The overall concept is the guiding ideology. According to the theory of aging of Chinese medicine, through dialectical treatment, the drugs that use nourishing effect, through long-term treatment, gradually replenish qi and blood,Balance yin and yang, strengthen the body, strengthen the body, improve the body’s ability to resist disease, so as to achieve the purpose of not having sick or less disease, prolonging life.

銆€銆€From the various nourishing drugs, they have the following effects: (1) Replenishing qi and blood and blood are the basic substances that constitute the human body, and are the material basis for the physiological activities of organs such as organs, meridians and the like.

The qi and blood are expensive to circulate, and the reservation that can be carried out all over the body lies in the plentiful reconciliation of qi and blood, so that it can be ill and prolonged.

If the qi deficiency blood is small, or because of stagnation, it is difficult to exert its warmth and phlegm function. The boots affect various physiological functions of the body and cause diseases.


The theory of Tiaojing said: “The blood is not harmonious, and all diseases are born.”

“It can be seen that the rise and fall of blood gas is the foundation for raising growth and life.”

The motherland medicine believes that after the middle age, people will consume the gods, but they will be shocked, but the middle will be blocked, the diet will not be lowered, and the bottom will be cold.

The blame is stagnation and stagnation, forming a situation in which “the qi is stagnant.”

After the 50s, there are many people who have lost their lives, and there are fewer elderly people.

Especially in the middle-aged and elderly people, the blood is closed, but the gas is capital.

The method of treatment, gas stagnation should be appropriate, so that the flow of gas can be used to promote new; blood stasis is easy, so that the body’s qi and blood are filled and flowed, and the vitality is endless.

Proper use of health and anti-debilitating drugs can nourish the source of qi and blood biochemistry and improve the state of qi and blood deficiency.

銆€銆€Health anti-aging drugs have different drugs such as qi and blood.

For those who are weak in blood, choose different drugs to adjust.

Such as qi, ginseng, astragalus, Codonopsis, Atractylodes, yam, etc.; blood medicine for Angelica, Rehmannia, Shouwu, Ejiao, longan meat.

銆€銆€The human body’s qi and blood are expensive, and the middle-aged and elderly people have different degrees of blood stasis. When replacing the qi and nourishing blood and nourishing anti-aging drugs, they can be properly matched with qi and qi, and blood and phlegm, such as fragrant, Chenpi, turmeric, Chuanxiong, Danshen, Achyranthes, spatholobus, etc., in order to achieve the effect of qi to relieve stagnation, blood to blood.

銆€銆€(2) Adjusting yin and yang and yin and yang is a pair of examples of ancient Chinese philosophy.

Human life activities are based on yin and yang in the body.

“Life is tangible, not yin and yang.

“” Su asked.
“Blood and full shape theory”) “Yin Pingyang secret” is the foundation of human life activities. The coordination of yin and yang is a healthy performance. No matter how complicated the pathology of disease is, it is nothing more than the partial decline of yin and yang.

When people go to middle-aged and old people, the yin and yang are weak, and the yin and yang in the body can only maintain a low balance. There will be a pathological state in which yin and yang are partial and weak, or yin is not yang, and yang is not yin.

If the yin deficiency is not enough to match the yang, the same as the virtual fire inside; if the yang can not warm the whole body, then the chilly endogenous.

Through the use of Fuyang Yiyin drugs, there are “the master of strong water, to make the sun”, “the source of the fire, to eliminate the yin”.

In addition, the yin and yang disorders are the imbalance of the organs, meridians, qi and blood, camp and other factors, as well as the expansion of the air-conditioner such as the in and out of the table.

The internal organs of the middle-aged and old people begin to age, their function is diminished, their blood and blood are deficient, and their ability to resist disease is weakening, so they are sick.

The use of health and anti-aging drugs to reconcile yin and yang is an important rule for longevity.

Its significance lies in the “Yin Pingyang secret, the spirit is the rule”, so that the function of the viscera is balanced and the body’s activities are normal, thus achieving the anti-aging and anti-aging purposes of “righteous memory, evil can not be done” and “can be old and full-shaped”.

銆€銆€The yin medicine commonly used by middle-aged and elderly people is sputum, female scorpion, Huang Jing, Tian Dong, Ophiopogon japonicus, Hawthorn, Schisandra, Shiqi, Polygonatum, Yuanshen, Tortoiseshell, Mulberry, etc.; commonly used yang medicine has cinnamon, Cistanche,Eucommia, Dodder, Curculigo, Deer Antler, etc.

銆€銆€(C) to adjust the spleen and stomach of the spleen and stomach for the day after tomorrow, the source of qi and blood biochemistry.

“Jing Yue Quan Shu” pointed out: “Stomach is the main body of health, stomach is strong, weak stomach is weak, stomach is born, no stomach is dead, so the health family must take the spleen and stomach first.

“All human life activities must be based on the gas of the valley, and the gas of the valley is implanted into the spleen and stomach.

If the function of the spleen and stomach is normal and the source of the disease is rich, the shape is healthy, the blood is strong, the spirit is abundant, the muscles are full, the body is healthy, and the resistance is naturally enhanced. Although there is wind and cold, the heat can not be violated, although there is a diet, happyAnger and anger will not be ill.

Li Dongheng pointed out in the “Spleen and Stomach Theory”: “All diseases are born of spleen and stomach.”
“There are ancient Yunjing: “The four seasons spleen is not evil.”
Therefore, after the hole is made up, the spleen and stomach are strong, and the source of the capital is the key to the longevity of the middle-aged and elderly.

銆€銆€The medicine for treating middle-aged and elderly spleen and stomach diseases should be sweet, moist, nourishing, fragrant, fragrant, supplemented with phlegm and dampness.

Commonly used spleen and stomach medicine ginseng, Astragalus, Codonopsis, Atractylodes, Huaishan, Chenpi and so on.

Most of the spleen and nourishing stomach medicines are mild and suitable, suitable for long-term use.

銆€銆€(4) To adjust the health of the human body, the essence of which is the normal operation of the function of the organs, such as the downsizing of the lungs, the operation of the blood, the regulation of the liver, the gasification of the kidney, the circulation of the meridians, etc.His duties are responsible for the function of sealing Yin and replacing the compound. Any failure of any of these rings will lead to the collapse of the company and the loss of the company.

Destroy the overall function of the body and become ill.

Therefore, the “Nei Jing” cloud: “The elderly seek governance.”

That is to say, in the health and anti-aging, attention should be paid to the overall treatment. If appropriate, the method of replenishing the heart and spleen, soothing the liver and qi, warming the kidney and strengthening the yang, cultivating the soil and making gold, and replenishing the fire and soil can make the five internal organs “stain the essence withoutDiarrhea”, six 鑵?”pass the halogen without hiding.”

It has a positive effect on improving health and resisting old age and preventing aging.

Li Shizhen, a famous medical scientist in the Ming Dynasty, believes that recognizing the treatment of sputum is the central transformation of the elderly patients with longevity. The immediate onset of rickets is the key to longevity and prolongation.

銆€銆€After entering the middle-aged and elderly, the age of the human body has increased, the function of the human body has gradually decreased, the yang is less, the yin is half, the blood is weak, and the spleen and stomach are up and down.

Then the Qingyang gas can not be applied, the essence of the day can not be collected, the diet can not be taken, the bad gas can not be discharged, the temper is not rising, the body fluid is not cloth, the disease resistance is significantly reduced, the body gradually appears aging performance.

Health anti-aging drugs contain essential nutrients, which can supplement the qi and blood yin and yang in the face of many aspects, eliminate the weakness caused by righteousness, and improve the body’s yin and yang while supplementing the body’s deficiency.Balance, enhance the viscera, meridian function, stimulate blood and vitality, improve people’s physique, adjust the body’s metabolism, therefore, the middle-aged and elderly people use multi-drug drugs, can enhance the body’s disease resistance, and achieve the purpose of longevity.

銆€銆€Health anti-aging drugs, both Gan Wen and Yang medicine, to warm the body’s debilitating cold; there are sweet, cold, salty, moisturizing things, can nourish the lack of blood and Yin liquid.

However, because traditional Chinese medicine has many functions, and some also have the function of two-way regulation, in the specific application, it can be used alone or in combination with several drugs to enhance efficacy.

For example, the ginseng master fills the five internal organs, and maintains the spirit; Baizhu benefits Qi and spleen, and the stomach is damp, the two drugs are combined, one is a big supplement, and the other is an appetizing digestion.

Another example is that the glutinous rice can replenish the lungs and strengthen the spleen, and the dampness and swelling can eliminate the digestive tract cancer. The yam, yam can make up the strength, nourish the kidney and solidify, and the various drugs are compatible with the body.Patients who are less tired, have edema and edema, or have cancer of the digestive tract have good health and anti-aging effects.

Ejiao is a kind of flesh and blood, with the effect of adding refined kidney, nourishing yin and nourishing blood; Angelica has been regarded as blood and blood circulation since ancient times, and the two drugs are used together to enhance the effect of blood and long-term use.

The Division accelerates the recovery of blood volume, improves the function of the hematopoietic system, and promotes the proliferation of red blood cells and white blood cells.

銆€銆€Modern medicine believes that the main mechanisms by which anti-aging drugs can delay aging are: enhance the regulation of neuroendocrine; regulate autonomic nervous system function; regulate the body’s anti-stress ability; adjust digestive system function; adjust immune function; improve hematopoietic system and boneThe role of the system; has a regulating function on the urinary system; the cardiovascular system can expand the surrounding blood vessels and improve the coronary blood flow of the heart.

Therefore, the anti-aging drugs for health can exert the effect of “treating the disease and seeking the present”.

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Health is expensive on time _1

Health care is on time

TCM health care emphasizes the harmony between man and nature, the environment and society, respects the inherent life rhythm of the human body, and adopts the theory and practice of specific health care such as the unity of form and spirit, the combination of dynamics and statics, and the combination of work and rest, to prevent micro-duration and precaution.
Therefore, the health care is on time, work and rest on time, exercise and sleep on time, and carry out various physiological activities on time to achieve the purpose of health and longevity.
銆€銆€Resting on time Many people feel tired when they go to rest. In fact, it is too late to rest.
Because, when people feel tired, fatigue has reached a certain degree, then rest takes more time to eliminate fatigue.
Excessive fatigue leaves a hidden danger to the disease.
After a period of work, take a break and pay attention to the combination of work and rest, not only will quickly eliminate the fatigue, but also improve the efficiency of work and study, the body’s yin and yang can also be adjusted and balanced.
銆€銆€鎸夋椂閿荤偧銆€銆€鎴戝浗杩戝勾鍐咃紝绯栧翱鐥呫€侀珮琛€鍘嬨€侀珮琛€鑴傘€佸啝蹇冪梾鍜岄璐ㄥ鐢熺瓑鑰佸勾鐥呭凡鍛堝勾杞诲寲瓒嬪娍锛屽嵆闈掑.骞存偅鑰呮棩鐩婂澶氾紝闈掑勾鑴傝偑鑲濇偅鑰呯殑澧炲姞鏇存槸鎯婁汉锛岃繖浜涢兘涓庝粬浠琋ot exercising, eating too much and drinking too much.
Therefore, young people should pay attention to their own lifestyle and develop a good habit of exercising.
Exercise on time every day, develop habits, and greatly benefit health.
銆€銆€Drinking water on time Thirst, suggesting that the lack of water in the body is quite serious, it is too late to replenish it.
According to the survey, people who have regular drinking habits, constipation, urinary calculi are significantly reduced to people who do not drink often.
Moreover, it also has a preventive effect on serious diseases such as myocardial infarction and stroke.
鍥犳锛岃€佸勾浜恒€佸姩鑴夌‖鍖栥€侀珮琛€鑴傘€佽娑查粡绋犮€佸啝蹇冪梾鍜屼腑椋庣梾浜猴紝浠ュ強瀵规按鐩稿闇€瑕佽緝澶氱殑瀛曚骇濡囥€侀潚灏戝勾鍜屽┐鍎匡紝鏇村簲璇ュ吇鎴愮粡甯搁ギ姘寸殑涔犳儻銆€銆€鎸夋椂浣撴銆€銆€姣忓勾鐨勫仴搴锋煡浣揂 large number of serious diseases such as hepatitis, tuberculosis, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc. are often found.
In fact, many diseases are difficult to find early on by self-perception. Only when you go to the hospital for a health check regularly, can you find it early and treat it early.
Therefore, you should go to the hospital for regular medical examinations.
銆€銆€Going to the toilet on time Many people go to the toilet when they are conscientious, even if they don’t understand.
This is extremely unhealthy for health. The urine and urine stay in the body for too long, which may cause constipation or over-filling of the bladder, and may even cause toxic substances in the feces and urine to be absorbed by the body, resulting in “home poisoning.”
Therefore, the habit of regular bowel movement should be developed, especially in the morning.
Regular solution can prevent constipation and reduce the chance of colorectal cancer, and it is also beneficial for patients with acne.
銆€銆€Sleeping on time Many people are not sleepy or sleepy. They mistakenly think that sleepiness is a signal that they should sleep. In fact, sleepiness is a sign of the brain’s fatigue. You should not wait until then to go to sleep.
Develop a good habit of sleeping on time, not only can protect the brain, but also easy to fall asleep, and can improve sleep quality and reduce insomnia.
銆€銆€Eating on time Some people in life are not eating on time, but not hungry or eating.
This practice can easily damage the stomach and weaken the body’s ability to resist disease.
Because the food stays in the stomach for only four to five hours, when the person feels hungry, the stomach has already been emptied, and the gastric mucosa will “self-digest” the gastric juice, which may easily cause gastritis and peptic ulcer.

Beware of female friends: greedy cold food is easy to get fat


Beware of female friends: greedy cold food is easy to get fat

In the summer, many female friends will be greedy and eat a lot of cold drinks, such as iced drinks, iced watermelons, ice cream ice cream, etc., although the coolness of the solution, but I do not know that this will damage health, and will cause many hope to lose weight.A friend’s weight is high, and even a small amount of food is stubborn.

銆€銆€Iced foods are not because the drinks are too sugary, or the watermelons tend to get fat. Ice creams contain trans fatty acids, but because they all have the same characteristics and are very cool.

It is this cold that causes problems in our spleen and stomach. Of course, there are many reasons for the weakness of the spleen and stomach. Similar to the weakness of the physique, the irregular diet, overeating, etc., but greed is itself.

In this year’s survey of obese women, 76% of women had symptoms of spleen and stomach weakness, and 48% of them were due to irregular diet and often eat a lot of cold food.

銆€銆€Speaking of this, maybe many people don’t understand, it seems to have nothing to do with excessive.

銆€銆€In fact, the most direct relationship between spleen and stomach and obesity, if the spleen and stomach function is strong, weight loss can be said to be arbitrary, and the spleen and stomach are also related to health or not.

銆€銆€Some people say that my appetite is very good, and I love everything. Can this be said that my spleen and stomach are weak?

I can only tell you that this is “stomach strong spleen deficiency”, that is, can eat but not digest.

The stomach is the organ and the spleen is the transporting organ.

Transport also contains the meaning of “transport” and “chemical”. “Chemical” is the transformation of the diet in the gastrointestinal tract into nutrient-staining micro-substance. “Transport” is to transport these nutrients to the whole body to produce the body’s blood.
Sometimes, although we have eaten a lot of things, the ability of the spleen to “chemicalize” is too weak, and we are unable to turn food into nutrient essence. It just accumulates in the body. When our body needs energy, they will not turn into blood for us.Use, on the contrary, will prevent us from generating new blood.

Over time, the excess meat accumulates the position of normal muscles, and the turbid blood stagnates the space of fresh blood, so that our blood and blood energy cannot be generated, no way to consume, causing the body to become fatter and even eat less.Things can’t lose weight, or they have little effect.

銆€銆€Many people lose weight around the food, and they can’t lower the dispersion of food. They can calculate the food every day carefully. They are afraid that the orientation of the food is high, and they worry that the change of this day will exceed the standard.

However, this method may be effective for people with excessive dietary intake and high levels of vitamins, but at the same time many people have suggested to me why they do not eat much, but the weight is not reduced?

銆€銆€This is because the main diet is not noticed, and there are many people with problems in the spleen and stomach.

Even if you eat less, the waste piled up in the body, a few can not decompose and replace the body by itself, while eating too little is only in the decomposition of the body, there is only a little blood reserve, the normal muscles are broken down to provideThe normal operation of the human body, at this time you will find that the meat on the body is more relaxed, the skin is dull, and even fine lines appear, the physical strength is not as good as before.

If you return to a normal diet, your weight will rebound quickly and be more than the original.

銆€銆€At this point, if you want to really lose weight, you can only start from conditioning your spleen and stomach, but without professional guidance, I am afraid that it is difficult to complete it easily. If you choose improperly, it will only make your body gain weight and even have symptoms such as liver disease.

銆€銆€In summer, the human body temperature is very high. People often want to take an ice block and swallow it when they are sweating. So they eat a lot of iced watermelons, cold drinks, ice cream, etc., so that the stomach is strongly cold.Stimulation causes the stomach to shrink sharply. The blood vessel wall of the implant will suddenly close and contract, causing a swell and stimuli. If you eat hot food and drink iced drinks, beer will aggravate this situation.Over time, it caused damage to the spleen and stomach, and there were symptoms of spleen and stomach weakness.

銆€銆€If you don’t feel chilly, if you want to recover, you can’t do it overnight.

銆€銆€Whether the spleen and stomach are healthy determines whether our body is healthy. Think about it. We rely on the nutrients of food to supply human nutrients to work normally. If the food we eat is not properly absorbed by the body, it will accumulate like garbage.Naturally, it causes a variety of diseases. It can also be said that the spleen and stomach are our “foundation” and “the source of qi and blood biochemistry”. Only popular blood is rich, we will reserve for disease prevention and treatment.Excessive energy, ruddy complexion, full of energy, people will look more spiritual and healthier!

銆€銆€Therefore, even if the summer is very hot, you should pay attention to let yourself disperse the body temperature, and then eat a little cold food, and should not eat too much, the original spleen and stomach is not very good, not only does not recommend eating cold food, it is also recommended to eatWarm-filled foods can be eaten hot in the summer, such as brown sugar water, which can be placed at room temperature.

Five types of people are not suitable for eating peaches


Five types of people are not suitable for eating peaches

First, the usual heat in the heat is prone to sores.

Peach is sweet and warm, and over-food is hot.

For those who have already got angry, eating more peaches is tantamount to “fueling the fire.”

銆€銆€Second, diabetic patients.

Peach has a high sugar content, and 7 grams of sugar per 100 grams of peach. If diabetics do not eat too much, they will cause blood sugar and urine sugar to rise rapidly, aggravating the condition.

銆€銆€Third, the weak gastrointestinal function, peach contains a lot of macromolecular substances, eating peach will increase the burden of the stomach, causing abdominal pain, diarrhea, so it is not suitable for consumption.

銆€銆€Fourth, infants and pregnant women.

Infants and young children have poor gastrointestinal function and cannot digest large amounts of macromolecular substances in peaches, which can easily cause allergic reactions.

Pregnant women eat too much peach can cause heat, causing miscarriage, bleeding and so on.

銆€銆€Five, allergic people.

Some people will have allergies when eating peaches. At first, the symptoms are lighter. If the mouth is red, peeling, itching, stop eating, wash your face and hands.

If the symptoms are serious, you should go to the hospital immediately.

In addition, peaches are sweet and warm, and people who are prone to get angry can also eat too much.

It is best not to eat peaches that are not fully mature. Eating them may cause bloating or diarrhea.

銆€銆€Washing peaches: The fluff on the surface of peaches is not easy to clean, and washing peaches also requires small tricks.

銆€銆€Tuen Mun 1: First pour the peaches with water, grab a fine salt and spread evenly on the surface of the peaches, simmer for a few times, soak in water for a while, then rinse with water several times.

銆€銆€Tuen Mun 2: Do not touch the peaches with water. Brush them on the surface of the peach with a clean brush and then wash them in salt water.

銆€銆€Tuen Mun 3: Soak in soda water for a while, without rubbing, the peach hair can come down.

銆€銆€Eat peaches: How do peaches eat?

If you want to fully use the peach flavor and sweetness, don’t put it in the refrigerator.

Because in the refrigerator, the scent of the peaches is constantly volatilized, and the sweetness is also reduced.

Therefore, the correct way is to store the peaches at room temperature.

The source of sweet taste of peach is not fructose, so unlike other fruits, the more frozen and sweet, the main sugar of peach is sucrose, and the sucrose produced at around 30 掳C.

Sour taste also lowers the temperature and is stored in a normal temperature environment, which suppresses the sour taste, fructose still acts, and has a sucrose taste.

The most delicious way to eat is to soak in cold water (10 掳 C) for 20 minutes, the time should not be too long, otherwise it will become light and tasteless.

Cold air is coming, and 5 kinds of health breakfast porridge for the whole family, so that you can get up early for a meal.


Cold air is coming, and 5 kinds of health breakfast porridge for the whole family, so that you can get up early for a meal.

Recently, the cold air came, the weather slowly turned cold, and it was too cold to get out of the house to go to work early. The most wanted thing to do at this time was to find a hot porridge in a breakfast shop (unfortunately many shops)The taste is not complimented.) ~ Summer is hot, in order to sleep a lazy to work, I am also in a hurry, pull the refrigerator and eat it and ran out.

Now it’s cold in the morning, and the bed is not going to be out. After the bed is washed, the bowl of big porridge is warm and warm, and the whole body is spirited in one bowl.

I don’t know if I am getting up early and eating greasy early in the stomach and I don’t feel digested.

As a person who likes to eat, the same porridge makes me drink for a few days, I am sure to be annoyed. During this time, I have studied a few porridges and sent them out for everyone!

I don’t study medicine, I don’t know if my health is not healthy. I only know that it tastes good. If you feel that some of them are reasonable, don’t mind too much. I just put together a few materials that I often eat, myself.After eating it, I have not encountered any bad situation. If you have any opinions, you can say it.

If some materials feel controversial, you can leave your own matching method in the comments section. If you have a good method, it is really better. After all, is everyone really good?
The first one: rice milk oatmeal This is my favorite porridge!

I used to see people who made milk rice porridge, and then just had oatmeal at home, and then they were thrown into the pot and boiled. After cooking, the milk smells very strong, and it tastes moist and sweet[raw material]: oatmeal, rice, rock sugar, milk[production practice]: When making dinner, soak the rice, and add the rock sugar, milk and oatmeal when you cook the next morning. The water is almost 2:1 with milk, and the milk is more.Put it, or else there is no milk fragrance.

This porridge milk and water is a little more than the usual porridge, because the oatmeal needs to absorb water, according to the time of the usual thick rice porridge, cooked and cooked, you can eat it. If there is a more advanced rice cooker, it is better.You can throw all the ingredients into the pot before going to bed the night before, and you don’t have to get up early the next morning.

The second one: pumpkin millet porridge in the morning to work in the company’s downstairs porridge shop often drink, I feel pretty good, boiled into a pumpkin and millet into a piece, I feel that under the improvement, tried many times before makingThis method[raw material]: millet, rock sugar, pumpkin (remember, it is best to chestnut pumpkin, don’t be too expensive, don’t be too ordinary, really delicious, don’t know what is the chestnut pumpkin’s mother to search)[practice]: The pumpkin is peeled and cut into large pieces and steamed for about a quarter of an hour.

Then use a spoon to crush directly, do not destroy the fiber of the pumpkin, drink it and taste will not eat the feeling of pumpkin.

Then boil it in a pot with a good millet.

When you drink, you can drink the silky feeling of pumpkin fiber and a touch of chestnut sweetness.

The third type: red bean red dates purple rice porridge this porridge is not bad!

Because I like to eat red beans!

As long as I bring red beans, I don’t mind taking a bite.

Especially the red beans that broke when you touched it!

[raw materials]: red dates, purple rice, red beans, rock sugar[production method]: purple rice and red beans are not good to boil, you need to soak in water, it is best to soak the night before, the next morning to get all the materials lostCook in a rice cooker.

(Ice sugar and jujube plus how much according to their own taste) Fourth: Tremella lotus seed corn glutinous rice mung bean porridge In fact, I personally feel that this can not be considered porridge, and the taste of porridge is very different!

But I feel like being a dessert that I usually eat.

There are more materials in it, so the taste is not bad.

Before I was busy with work, I used this kind of porridge, put more white fungus, boiled green beans, and the taste is not good!

[Materials]: Coix seed, mung bean, lotus seed, white fungus, rock sugar[production method]: This time the raw materials should be put in the water for a long time, the more the chopped white fungus is broken, the better, so that the white fungus is better than the gelatinous, thick spots willTaste better.

Then put the stuff in the pot and cook for two and a half hours.

(This time is relatively long, if you don’t want to get up early in the morning, it is best to buy a pot that can be timed.) The fifth kind: Sydney red dates porridge This is my own improvement, a while ago, I have a cold throat, I heard that pears go to the fire, so I amA few pieces of Sydney were added to the rice porridge.

I did not expect it to be good, the red dates and the cockroaches are to make the porridge look good.

[Materials]: 鏋告潪, red dates, rice, Sydney[production method]: very simple, cut the Sydney diced with rice, red dates, glutinous rice, rock sugar, the above is the five kinds of breakfast porridge I share, the materials are also everywhereLooking for, the small supermarket downstairs can buy, the taste is very good.

Come to work in the morning to fill a large bowl to fill the full, go out and warm, and feel warm!

The right medicine, the three prescriptions for treating dysmenorrhea


The right medicine, the three prescriptions for treating dysmenorrhea

Dysmenorrhea is often caused by liver qi stagnation, and the operation of the air machine is not smooth, resulting in qi stagnation.

Qi stagnation is bloody, which leads to dysmenorrhea due to poor behavior. Chinese medicine believes that “nothing is painful.”

There are also dysmenorrhea caused by blood deficiency.

Under normal circumstances, premenstrual or menstrual abdominal pain is mostly a real disease.

Abdominal swelling pain is mostly qi and blood stasis; post-abdominal pain is mostly a deficiency syndrome, and those who like to be hot are mostly cold.

Therefore, the treatment of dysmenorrhea should be based on the patient’s condition for the treatment of identification.

銆€銆€Qi stagnation: common premenstrual or menstrual lower abdominal pain.

Menstruation is less and less smooth.

Sometimes chest tightness and bloating.

At this time, the liver should be qi and qi, and any treatment with Jiawei Wu Yao Tang should be used.

Such as angelica, Chuanxiong, red peony, cumin, black medicine, woody, fragrant, Yuanhu and other medicines.

銆€銆€Blood stasis type: Dysmenorrhea occurs in the early stage of menstruation or in the early stage of the menstrual cramps. The lower abdomen is in pain and pain, refuses to press, has poor menstruation, and has black blood clots.

It is advisable to use the method of activating blood circulation and dispelling cold.

Commonly used prescriptions include Shaofu Zhuyu Decoction or Angelica, Chuanxiong Puhuang, Chishao, Hawthorn Charcoal, Peach Kernel, Safflower, Fragrant, Cinnamon, Cumin, Dried Ginger, etc.

銆€銆€Blood deficiency type: In addition to the pain relief, it can be seen that the menstrual blood is too much color, after abdominal pain, dizziness, palpitations, upset and insomnia.

Should be treated with nourishing blood and benefiting Qi.

Anyone who chooses Bazhen Tang and other drugs such as Angelica, Rehmannia, Radix, Shouwu, Codonopsis, Atractylodes, Xiangfu, and so on.

銆€銆€In addition, the drug should be added or subtracted according to the patient’s condition.

Such as qi stagnation and bloating, plus fragrant, woody, green, black medicine, Yuanhu and so on.

Bloody, purple, tongue purple, pulse string plus angelica, achyranthes, peach kernel, safflower, Puhuang, etc., afraid of cold warmers plus dry ginger, cumin, schizonepeta, cinnamon, Wu Hao and other treatment.

Seven kinds of fruits for the elderly to supplement nutrition


Seven kinds of fruits for the elderly to supplement nutrition

Fruits are rich in nutrients and are an important source of our daily nutritional supplements.

Older people should also eat some fruits in their daily diet to supplement the nutrients they need for their health.

So, which fruits are suitable for the elderly to eat?

What are the skills for picking fruits?

Next, I will introduce them to you for your reference.

銆€銆€1, the rich vitamin C in the orange orange synergistically reverses the skin damage caused by sunlight and pollution, reduces wrinkles and improves the overall skin tone of the skin.

銆€銆€2, the pear precipitated fiber is more than other fruits, eating pears harm the elderly defecation, reducing constipation.

銆€銆€3, the dietary fiber contained in banana banana, potassium, vitamin C and vitamin B6 work together to ensure that the heart is in the best working condition.

銆€銆€4, the elderly people’s digestion ability will be weakened, often have symptoms of indigestion, then you can eat more strawberries and kiwi, they can regulate gastric acid secretion, can also eliminate a variety of bacteria in the stomach, but also promote gastrointestinal motilityUsually eat more, the symptoms of indigestion can be obviously relieved.

銆€銆€5, the antioxidant phospholipidin contained in apple apples can improve the overall health of the nervous system.

Researchers at Cornell University in the United States have found that apples help protect nerve cells from oxidative stress and reduce the risk of developing cognitive impairment.

銆€銆€6, kiwifruit kiwifruit stimulates the separation of cells to secrete insulin, therefore, can reduce blood sugar in diabetic patients.

The powder is mixed with bitter melon powder to regulate blood sugar levels.

Kiwifruit is rich in a large amount of natural sugar alcohol inositol, which can effectively regulate sugar metabolism, regulate the metabolism of hormones and nerves in cells, and have unique effects on preventing diabetes and depression.

銆€銆€7, grape hypertension is a common disease in the elderly, this disease is difficult to eradicate after the occurrence of the disease, you need to pay more attention to the usual diet, in addition to eating less salt, you can also eat more grapes, this fruit containsSome trace elements, potassium, can promote the discharge of sodium inside the body and lower the blood pressure.

銆€銆€Old people should pay attention to eating fruits, do not overdose, especially some high-sugar fruits, try to eat less, and the elderly have weaker functions, too much food is not conducive to health.

If the orange has a lot of fruit acid, it has a certain stimulating effect on the stomach, and eats up to 2 per day?
3, don’t eat too much.

Wan Ying Ling Dan is not as good as health


Wan Ying Ling Dan is not as good as health

The first section of the drug regimen can also be used for axial health, but don’t repeat it, otherwise it will lose the body’s instinct’s health potential.

The tea tea that uses the five elements to test the aging of people is also a traditional Chinese medicine, but the accumulation of tea causes people to age.

Frequently use tea, thermos, porcelain cups and other appropriate tea, after a long time will produce tea scale, scale, if not cleaned in time and continue to use replacement digestion, nerves, urinary, hematopoietic system.

According to the “Book of Changes”, the scale is soil.

Digestion, the nerve belongs to circulation, for water.

Urine, blood is also water.

The water is gram, so there are predictions.

Aluminum products in daily necessities of aluminum products, such as pots, spoons and the like, contain a large amount of aluminum.

If the human body ingests too much aluminum, it will directly destroy the function of the neuronal genetic material deoxyribonucleic acid in the human body. Even if the elderly are susceptible to Alzheimer’s disease and cause premature aging, it is best to use less aluminum products.
According to the “Book of Changes”, aluminum is gold, ribose, nucleic acid is wood, wood is gold, so there are residues.

Mildew food moldy food exists in contaminated peanuts, rice, soybeans, oils and other foods. If you eat this kind of food, it may cause diarrhea, enteritis, stomach pain, abscess and other poisoning phenomena, which will make peoplePremature aging, severe cases can cause cancer.

According to the “Book of Changes”, the above foods are wood. When the mold changes, the wood becomes a murderous wood, the wood is soil, the soil is the spleen, and the stomach, so the digestive system will be deformed.

The large amount of liquor and the incorporation of white wine in an uncontrolled manner lead to chronic poisoning of the liver and cause many complications.

Men will cause sexual dysfunction, women into the menstrual irregularities, stop ovulation, hair yellow, libido and other premature aging phenomenon.

According to the “Book of Changes”, the wine is water, if it is too ferocious, the murderous water is wood, so the wood is sick; the water system has changed its quality after drinking, and people produce a lot of heat after drinking, the temperature is high, the water quality changes.Fire, wood fire is venting, sick.

Pickled food pickled pickles contain nitrates and their size is not enough when marinated.

Under the action of bacteria in the body, nitrate can be reduced to toxic nitrite poisoning the body.

Therefore, edible pickles should be adequate.

According to the “Book of Changes”, the dish is wood, and after curing, it is a ferocious wood, a woody soil, and the soil is the intestine and causes disease.

Drugs can be healthy tea According to experts, tea can delay aging.

Tea is a favorite daily drink. After the medicine and the tea are rolled into a coarse powder, the adhesive is added into a granule or a block, and the beverage is brewed in boiling water, and the effect of drinking tea can be utilized.

Cordyceps instant tea: treatment of weak and sick, old age, visceral function decreased.

Ask Jingcha: It has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

Indications of arteriosclerosis, hyperlipidemia.

Slimming tea: used to treat hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease.

Shengmai Tea: It has the effect of replenishing qi and replenishing yin and nourishing yin and fluid.

For the qi and blood deficiency, palpitations and shortness of breath, pulse micro-sweating.

Sijunzi Tea: It has the effect of strengthening the body and strengthening the spleen and nourishing the stomach. It is used for old and weak, tired and tired, with no complexion, spleen and stomach qi deficiency, serious illness, and weakness of limbs.

Chinese patent medicines, western medicine Chinese medicines, western medicines have certain benefits for those who are chronically ill, and old people, but never rely on drugs.

At present, a large number of vitamins, antibiotics, health care products, longevity and brain-filling capsules, and injection advertisements are overwhelming. People’s health is guaranteed by drugs. This habit of health care treatment has caused people to lose their self-care awareness and lose their body’s resistance to disease.ability.

According to statistics, Chinese medicine is 50 times that of Japan and 100 times that of the United States.

Antibiotics in China account for 50% of the total dose, and Western countries account for 10%.

Health products can also not be taken for a long time, it will make you lose your immunity and resistance.

The medicine bottles in the home, the medicine bags should not be scattered everywhere, not only affecting the feng shui, but also giving people a bad possibility.

The second section of the meridian health Chinese ancient meridian regimen is actually the application of the yin and yang five elements of the Book of Changes in the human body.

Frequent conditioning of the meridians has a great effect on health.

Meridian theory is an important part of the theoretical system of traditional Chinese medicine. It transitions to Chinese doctors, pathology, diagnosis, treatment and other aspects. It has guided the prevention of needles, massage, massage and various clinical practices of Chinese medicine for thousands of years.

Understanding and mastering the distribution of meridians in the human body, running routes and main functions will play a major role in health care.Meridian health has the characteristics of wide indications, significant benefits, convenient operation and economic security.

Meridian health is also a cheap, simple, convenient method that can be used anytime, anywhere.

According to the principle of traditional Chinese medicine meridians to maintain health, in line with the yin and yang five elements theory.

By the genus, the genus is yin, and the yin is divided into yin and yang.

Therefore, using the meridian to regulate the yin and yang disorders of the human body, it can be used for axial health.

The “jing” in Chinese medicine has the meaning of the path, the meridians are interlaced, and the internal and external communication is the backbone of the meridian system.

The “complex” in Chinese medicine has the meaning of the network. It is a branch of the meridians. It is smaller than the meridians, criss-crossed and spread throughout the body.

The meridians cross each other and are closely connected to connect the various parts of the human body into an organic whole.

The twelve meridians in the human body are the backbone of the meridian system, the internal organs are yin and the external collaterals are yang.

Twelve meridians are the hands of the three yin (lung, pericardium, heart), hand Sanyang (large intestine, three coke, small intestine), foot Sanyang (stomach, gallbladder, bladder), foot three yin (spleen, liver, kidney)The general term is the main body of the meridian system, also known as the “serious”.

The meridian physiological function and application are related to the viscera, communicating the dysmenorrhea in the meridians and the meridians, the Qijing eight veins, the fifteen collaterals, the twelve meridians, the twelve meridians, the twelve skins criss-crossing, entering the yin and outThe table shows the yang, can be able to go to the yang, reach the yin, the related organs and organs.

Through the tendons, the skin, contact the skin of the limbs; the floating parts and the Sunlu are connected to each subtle part.

In this way, the meridians connect the human body into an organic whole, so that the activities of various parts of the human body maintain the yin and yang coordination.

Run qi and blood, support the body’s various organs and organs in the body under the warmth of qi and blood, play its normal physiological role, so that the body’s internal organs, body surface, facial features, nine sputum, skin and bones can be closely linked, coordinationConsistently, these are all done by relying on the meridian transfer operation.

Resist the disease and evil, defend the body of the meridians and qi and blood and camp yin and yang.

The camp is in the veins, and the defensive line is outside the pulse, so that the atmosphere of the camp is densely covered, and it is adjusted to the five internal organs, and to the six hexagrams;

Reflecting pathological changes Meridian is a contact system inside and outside the human body. When the physiological function is out of balance, it is also a path of transmission of disease and evil, which has the characteristics of reflecting the disease.

In the pathological process, obvious tenderness or nodules, streaky reflections, and changes in skin color, morphology, and temperature of the corresponding parts may occur on the meridian line.

Syndrome Differentiation By analyzing the symptoms of the patient and the pathological changes in the relevant parts, the meridians where the disease occurs are generated.

Guide the treatment through acupuncture, moxibustion, massage, massage and other means to stimulate the body surface acupoints, to clear the gas, regulate the function of the body’s viscera, blood, thereby achieving the purpose of treatment and prevention of disease.

The view that Chinese medicine “no pain, no general pain” indicates that maintaining meridians and fluency is the primary measure to prevent disease.

In real life, such as walking, jogging, swimming, dancing, ideas, meditation and various sports such as dredging the meridians smooth, accessible organs run, so as to achieve fitness, health purpose.

Section health practitioners and health practitioners, in fact, is the yin and yang of air transport practitioners, requiring a balance of yin and yang, the five elements complement each other to achieve the purpose of health.

Cultivating qi is also a method of balancing the five elements obtained, are recorded in the history of Chinese civilization for thousands of years.

Many sentences with “gas” words, such as: bookish, deep breath, high spirits, gas, however, furious, cow temper.

Common words: temperament qigong vitality spirit of tolerance fate style atmosphere gas gas gas festivity fortune luck color arrogant pride backbone upright integrity ambition talent cheer vindictive arrogance arrogance justifiably proud of like-minded fearless daring magnificent energetic Spirit in humble one go Harmony refreshed air impact bullfighting

There are many ways to practice, and you can find one that suits you.

90-year-old Japanese grandmother, occupying the wine cellar and touching the porcelain but bursting with the red network and aging wheat


90-year-old Japanese grandmother, occupying the wine cellar and touching the porcelain but bursting with the red network and aging wheat

Nowadays, the 90-year-old people who have become the focus of the times have been exposed from time to time.

“The first batch of 90s has already ushered in the hair loss crisis and pay attention to health.” After 90, the uncles and aunts have begun to become monks and began to ruin.”None of the first batch of 90s can survive 30 years old.”

.It seems that there is nothing wrong with it. After 90 years, I really have a hair loss. I have a cupboard. I have a life-style sling. But there is a “90s” in Japan. I have a very hard core. She is not at the speed of seventy.Since the “unfortunate car 鈻?is on the road of “touching porcelain” 鈻?also from time to time to perform “shovel plug” of the peerless martial arts 鈻?or come to a “pretend to be garbage” performance art 鈻?you want to get the unexpected Sao operation herThere are people who are more than a mouthful of people who want to “forever young and always tears and glory” live and have personality. This painter is very embarrassed, the grandmother is called Nishimoto, and is 90 years old in this network full of small fresh meat.She became a brain-clear, unique style of self-portrait to kill a bloody road into the Japanese photography industry’s popular fried chicken on Ins also arrested the 120,000 fans of the heart of the heart of the grandmother of the “photo story: from entry to”Abandoning the Great God” has to be heard from 18 years ago. It sounds very long. At that time, she was only a 72-year-old girl. Because she was the eldest son of art, she started a photography training class in the community. She went to play Call.鍦ˋfter listening to a class, she began to have an interest in photography. The train that took the training became the oldest student in the class. At first, the style of the grandmother of Nishimoto was “normal”, and the daily pats and flowers were patted by the animals.In a good state, but after a training class was set up with the theme of “interesting self-portraits”, the style of her grandmother began to turn around and she didn’t want to be flat. Her brain hole opened a few waves of spikes in the whole class. “Today.The weather is so good that I can’t help but hang myself on the clothes rack.” 鈻糡he distant star sent a request for the battle. “Humans think about God and make me laugh. I rethink that God is no longer laughing.” 鈻?”IJust a thief or a stealing thief” 鈻?”As long as the pen is enough, I will not hang the subject” 鈻?”The world is not worthy of being too tired and drink and cherish the taste of indulgence” 鈻糥iao Ben grandma found himselfI like the direction of photography and lead the whole class, but she doesn’t stop there. In order to make the photos more interesting and realistic, I also took the initiative to learn PS and illustrator retouching software even at the age of 74.I can’t read English, but she will find someone to help translate and then back down and then absorb a tripod and flip the remote control. She picks up various poses and enjoys the creation of “from gold to the king”.Dynamic and creative selfies “Learn this trick Lingbo microsteps are no longer afraid of not being on the second road car” 鈻?”Gunala dark god 鍛?鍛?鍛?鍛?鍛?鍢?鍢?鍢?鍢?鍢?鍢?鍢?鍢?鍢?鍢?鍢?鍢?鍢?

銆庘柤鈥淓mergency, emergency, dangerous, calm, calm, not panic, stop drinking tea, look at the report, steady, take the skin, I see the line” 鈻?”The girl who loves the car is not too bad luck” 鈻?”Even if I fall, I am the autumn mountain girl carGod will never admit defeat “鈻? stolen female car god light speed back to the rivers and lakes no time to explain the invitation to send a fast “鈻? do not love life, then I will come to you. “鈻糥i Ben grandma hopes to pass such a funny humorThe work brings joy to everyone, not the hope that the husband in heaven can see that he is happy to live. “The old man, now I am happy every day.” Many netizens are given the attitude of her love of life and the photos of the devil.Infected soon, Nishimoto’s grandmother became Japan’s 鈥渟elf-portrait queen鈥?and went on the variety show 鈥淕ive it to you鈥?and your boyfriend, Ninomiya, and also came a self-timer teaching and was also invited by the well-known digital media Adobe.2017, 2018 New Year’s greeting card art director 89 years old in Tokyo also held a personal photo exhibition called “Let’s go play”, a lot of netizens came to the scene and the west of the ghost horse鏈珿randma meets, she smiles and shares the funny photos and optimistic attitudes with the fans. “Now the camera has become a part of my life. As long as I am alive, I will keep taking the camera and keep shooting. Even if I am jokes, it doesn’t matter because I want to be depressed.The person who saw my photo can laugh.” 72-year-old photography photography 74-year-old Ps89-year-old became the artistic director of Adobe New Year greeting card and also held a personal photography exhibition “old urchin” Nishimoto grandma is more than a lot of young people indulge in love life 90 years oldOnce again, she proves that age is only a number. You are only xx years old. You can become anyone you want to be. Carnegie said, “If you have faith, you will be young. If you are doubtful, you will be young and confident. If you are old, you will be young when you are hopeful.”Desperate to be old” As long as you still have enthusiasm and pursuit of life, you will still be a teenager who will shine. When you are old, are you willing to become such an old man?

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