Office workers should not sleep too much


Office workers should not sleep too much

Guide: Insufficient sleep has become a common problem for modern office workers, and too much sleep during the holidays will also affect your health.

The role of sleep is multi-faceted, which can eliminate fatigue, restore physical strength, protect the brain, restore energy, enhance immunity, rehabilitate the body, even delay aging, promote longevity, and protect people’s mental health.

So, how long should an adult sleep in a day to ensure good health?

銆€銆€Getting up early and getting up early is good for health. Generally speaking, a reasonable sleep should be 7-9 hours per night, which is a guarantee of sleep quality.

Sleeping 7-9 hours a night, it happens to be the regular sleep time required to fall asleep to wake up.

After an adult falls asleep, the first is that the pituitary gland increases secretion of growth hormone, triggers cell metabolism, restores physical strength, and stores physical energy.

This process takes about 80-90 minutes and belongs to the “sleep of the body” stage.

銆€銆€As the saying goes, getting up early and getting up early and getting good is a scientific basis.

Studies have shown that people who go to bed early and get up early have less mental stress and a higher level of mental health than those who stay up late.

The scientific sleep time is 22:22:30, half-hour or one-hour into deep sleep, and midnight to 3 am is the best time for the human body to naturally enter deep sleep, so as to ensure the spirit of work the next day.

銆€銆€Insufficient sleep is harmful. Healthy sleep has a lot to do with beauty. Some people say that sleep is the best cosmetic, because sleep can replenish skin’s nutrition and oxygen, promote skin renewal and repair, and maintain the skin’s youthful state.

Insufficient sleep, the skin microvascular does not get enough blood, the metabolism of skin tissue is affected, and then the skin tissue lacks nutrition and premature aging, the skin becomes gray, pale, wrinkled.

銆€銆€In addition, if the sleep time is insufficient or the sleep time is uncertain, it will disrupt the function of the autonomic nervous system and cause harm to the human body.

It is common for people with insomnia to have blue eyes and dull skin. This is the reason.

銆€銆€Office workers should not sleep too much sleep too much is not conducive to health.

The study found that adults who sleep more than 10 hours per night had a higher rate of stroke deaths.

5 times.

This is because blood flow is slow during sleep, increasing the risk of heart disease and cerebral embolism.

銆€銆€In addition, if the sleep time is too long, the oxygen entering the body will be reduced due to the slowing of the breathing, which increases the burden on the heart, blood circulation and lungs.

Although oxygen reduction is not harmful to health, it is dangerous for patients with heart disease and lung disease.

Therefore, to ensure adequate sleep time, it is not necessary to prolong sleep time, or to ensure the quality of sleep.