Cold air is coming, and 5 kinds of health breakfast porridge for the whole family, so that you can get up early for a meal.


Cold air is coming, and 5 kinds of health breakfast porridge for the whole family, so that you can get up early for a meal.

Recently, the cold air came, the weather slowly turned cold, and it was too cold to get out of the house to go to work early. The most wanted thing to do at this time was to find a hot porridge in a breakfast shop (unfortunately many shops)The taste is not complimented.) ~ Summer is hot, in order to sleep a lazy to work, I am also in a hurry, pull the refrigerator and eat it and ran out.

Now it’s cold in the morning, and the bed is not going to be out. After the bed is washed, the bowl of big porridge is warm and warm, and the whole body is spirited in one bowl.

I don’t know if I am getting up early and eating greasy early in the stomach and I don’t feel digested.

As a person who likes to eat, the same porridge makes me drink for a few days, I am sure to be annoyed. During this time, I have studied a few porridges and sent them out for everyone!

I don’t study medicine, I don’t know if my health is not healthy. I only know that it tastes good. If you feel that some of them are reasonable, don’t mind too much. I just put together a few materials that I often eat, myself.After eating it, I have not encountered any bad situation. If you have any opinions, you can say it.

If some materials feel controversial, you can leave your own matching method in the comments section. If you have a good method, it is really better. After all, is everyone really good?
The first one: rice milk oatmeal This is my favorite porridge!

I used to see people who made milk rice porridge, and then just had oatmeal at home, and then they were thrown into the pot and boiled. After cooking, the milk smells very strong, and it tastes moist and sweet[raw material]: oatmeal, rice, rock sugar, milk[production practice]: When making dinner, soak the rice, and add the rock sugar, milk and oatmeal when you cook the next morning. The water is almost 2:1 with milk, and the milk is more.Put it, or else there is no milk fragrance.

This porridge milk and water is a little more than the usual porridge, because the oatmeal needs to absorb water, according to the time of the usual thick rice porridge, cooked and cooked, you can eat it. If there is a more advanced rice cooker, it is better.You can throw all the ingredients into the pot before going to bed the night before, and you don’t have to get up early the next morning.

The second one: pumpkin millet porridge in the morning to work in the company’s downstairs porridge shop often drink, I feel pretty good, boiled into a pumpkin and millet into a piece, I feel that under the improvement, tried many times before makingThis method[raw material]: millet, rock sugar, pumpkin (remember, it is best to chestnut pumpkin, don’t be too expensive, don’t be too ordinary, really delicious, don’t know what is the chestnut pumpkin’s mother to search)[practice]: The pumpkin is peeled and cut into large pieces and steamed for about a quarter of an hour.

Then use a spoon to crush directly, do not destroy the fiber of the pumpkin, drink it and taste will not eat the feeling of pumpkin.

Then boil it in a pot with a good millet.

When you drink, you can drink the silky feeling of pumpkin fiber and a touch of chestnut sweetness.

The third type: red bean red dates purple rice porridge this porridge is not bad!

Because I like to eat red beans!

As long as I bring red beans, I don’t mind taking a bite.

Especially the red beans that broke when you touched it!

[raw materials]: red dates, purple rice, red beans, rock sugar[production method]: purple rice and red beans are not good to boil, you need to soak in water, it is best to soak the night before, the next morning to get all the materials lostCook in a rice cooker.

(Ice sugar and jujube plus how much according to their own taste) Fourth: Tremella lotus seed corn glutinous rice mung bean porridge In fact, I personally feel that this can not be considered porridge, and the taste of porridge is very different!

But I feel like being a dessert that I usually eat.

There are more materials in it, so the taste is not bad.

Before I was busy with work, I used this kind of porridge, put more white fungus, boiled green beans, and the taste is not good!

[Materials]: Coix seed, mung bean, lotus seed, white fungus, rock sugar[production method]: This time the raw materials should be put in the water for a long time, the more the chopped white fungus is broken, the better, so that the white fungus is better than the gelatinous, thick spots willTaste better.

Then put the stuff in the pot and cook for two and a half hours.

(This time is relatively long, if you don’t want to get up early in the morning, it is best to buy a pot that can be timed.) The fifth kind: Sydney red dates porridge This is my own improvement, a while ago, I have a cold throat, I heard that pears go to the fire, so I amA few pieces of Sydney were added to the rice porridge.

I did not expect it to be good, the red dates and the cockroaches are to make the porridge look good.

[Materials]: 鏋告潪, red dates, rice, Sydney[production method]: very simple, cut the Sydney diced with rice, red dates, glutinous rice, rock sugar, the above is the five kinds of breakfast porridge I share, the materials are also everywhereLooking for, the small supermarket downstairs can buy, the taste is very good.

Come to work in the morning to fill a large bowl to fill the full, go out and warm, and feel warm!