“hot springs” warming up, beware of spa diseases

As the weather turned cold, the hot springs gradually warmed up, especially in the warm outdoor hot spring pool, watching the snow falling around, feeling quite novel.
However, some tourists have caused “spa disease” because they do not understand the health knowledge of hot springs.
  Recently, the number of hot spring tour registrations of various travel agencies has been rising, but many tourists returned to the travel agency to report that they caused various physical discomforts due to hot springs.
After returning from the hot springs, Ms. Ma and her mother found symptoms of peeling and itching in the whole body. Later, I learned that it was caused by the hot spring time and caused “hot spring skin disease.”
Travel agencies said that most of the hot spring tours organized by travel agencies are not limited. Therefore, many tourists who try to soak in hot springs will be soaked in hot springs for a long time because of curiosity, which is easy to cause “spa disease.”
  It is understood that among the tourists who cause discomfort due to hot springs, the elderly and children are mostly.
According to dermatologists, the minerals in the hot springs are good for human health. The proper amount of hot springs in the whole year can not only relieve stress, but also have certain therapeutic effects on certain skin diseases.
However, due to the dry climate in winter, the skin sweat glands and sebaceous glands shrink, the function of the skin protective film is reduced, and the skin protective film is easily damaged by prolonged hot springs or scalding, and the skin is itchy and skin allergic due to contact with other undesirable substances.
The skin of the elderly and children is fragile and the skin resistance is relatively low, making it a high-risk group of “hot spring skin diseases”.
  In addition, experts remind the public that the following situations are not suitable for hot springs.
When you are hungry, you should not take hot springs immediately. It may cause dizziness, vomiting and fatigue. If you have insufficient sleep or stay up all night, you may not have a hot spring. Shock or brain ischemia may occur. You may not eat or drink alcohol.If you take a hot spring right away, you may have indigestion and cerebral hemorrhage. If you have heart disease, high blood pressure or arteriosclerosis, you should slowly warm your body with warm water before you take a hot spring. Then you can soak in the hot spring.