Wan Ying Ling Dan is not as good as health


Wan Ying Ling Dan is not as good as health

The first section of the drug regimen can also be used for axial health, but don’t repeat it, otherwise it will lose the body’s instinct’s health potential.

The tea tea that uses the five elements to test the aging of people is also a traditional Chinese medicine, but the accumulation of tea causes people to age.

Frequently use tea, thermos, porcelain cups and other appropriate tea, after a long time will produce tea scale, scale, if not cleaned in time and continue to use replacement digestion, nerves, urinary, hematopoietic system.

According to the “Book of Changes”, the scale is soil.

Digestion, the nerve belongs to circulation, for water.

Urine, blood is also water.

The water is gram, so there are predictions.

Aluminum products in daily necessities of aluminum products, such as pots, spoons and the like, contain a large amount of aluminum.

If the human body ingests too much aluminum, it will directly destroy the function of the neuronal genetic material deoxyribonucleic acid in the human body. Even if the elderly are susceptible to Alzheimer’s disease and cause premature aging, it is best to use less aluminum products.
According to the “Book of Changes”, aluminum is gold, ribose, nucleic acid is wood, wood is gold, so there are residues.

Mildew food moldy food exists in contaminated peanuts, rice, soybeans, oils and other foods. If you eat this kind of food, it may cause diarrhea, enteritis, stomach pain, abscess and other poisoning phenomena, which will make peoplePremature aging, severe cases can cause cancer.

According to the “Book of Changes”, the above foods are wood. When the mold changes, the wood becomes a murderous wood, the wood is soil, the soil is the spleen, and the stomach, so the digestive system will be deformed.

The large amount of liquor and the incorporation of white wine in an uncontrolled manner lead to chronic poisoning of the liver and cause many complications.

Men will cause sexual dysfunction, women into the menstrual irregularities, stop ovulation, hair yellow, libido and other premature aging phenomenon.

According to the “Book of Changes”, the wine is water, if it is too ferocious, the murderous water is wood, so the wood is sick; the water system has changed its quality after drinking, and people produce a lot of heat after drinking, the temperature is high, the water quality changes.Fire, wood fire is venting, sick.

Pickled food pickled pickles contain nitrates and their size is not enough when marinated.

Under the action of bacteria in the body, nitrate can be reduced to toxic nitrite poisoning the body.

Therefore, edible pickles should be adequate.

According to the “Book of Changes”, the dish is wood, and after curing, it is a ferocious wood, a woody soil, and the soil is the intestine and causes disease.

Drugs can be healthy tea According to experts, tea can delay aging.

Tea is a favorite daily drink. After the medicine and the tea are rolled into a coarse powder, the adhesive is added into a granule or a block, and the beverage is brewed in boiling water, and the effect of drinking tea can be utilized.

Cordyceps instant tea: treatment of weak and sick, old age, visceral function decreased.

Ask Jingcha: It has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

Indications of arteriosclerosis, hyperlipidemia.

Slimming tea: used to treat hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease.

Shengmai Tea: It has the effect of replenishing qi and replenishing yin and nourishing yin and fluid.

For the qi and blood deficiency, palpitations and shortness of breath, pulse micro-sweating.

Sijunzi Tea: It has the effect of strengthening the body and strengthening the spleen and nourishing the stomach. It is used for old and weak, tired and tired, with no complexion, spleen and stomach qi deficiency, serious illness, and weakness of limbs.

Chinese patent medicines, western medicine Chinese medicines, western medicines have certain benefits for those who are chronically ill, and old people, but never rely on drugs.

At present, a large number of vitamins, antibiotics, health care products, longevity and brain-filling capsules, and injection advertisements are overwhelming. People’s health is guaranteed by drugs. This habit of health care treatment has caused people to lose their self-care awareness and lose their body’s resistance to disease.ability.

According to statistics, Chinese medicine is 50 times that of Japan and 100 times that of the United States.

Antibiotics in China account for 50% of the total dose, and Western countries account for 10%.

Health products can also not be taken for a long time, it will make you lose your immunity and resistance.

The medicine bottles in the home, the medicine bags should not be scattered everywhere, not only affecting the feng shui, but also giving people a bad possibility.

The second section of the meridian health Chinese ancient meridian regimen is actually the application of the yin and yang five elements of the Book of Changes in the human body.

Frequent conditioning of the meridians has a great effect on health.

Meridian theory is an important part of the theoretical system of traditional Chinese medicine. It transitions to Chinese doctors, pathology, diagnosis, treatment and other aspects. It has guided the prevention of needles, massage, massage and various clinical practices of Chinese medicine for thousands of years.

Understanding and mastering the distribution of meridians in the human body, running routes and main functions will play a major role in health care.Meridian health has the characteristics of wide indications, significant benefits, convenient operation and economic security.

Meridian health is also a cheap, simple, convenient method that can be used anytime, anywhere.

According to the principle of traditional Chinese medicine meridians to maintain health, in line with the yin and yang five elements theory.

By the genus, the genus is yin, and the yin is divided into yin and yang.

Therefore, using the meridian to regulate the yin and yang disorders of the human body, it can be used for axial health.

The “jing” in Chinese medicine has the meaning of the path, the meridians are interlaced, and the internal and external communication is the backbone of the meridian system.

The “complex” in Chinese medicine has the meaning of the network. It is a branch of the meridians. It is smaller than the meridians, criss-crossed and spread throughout the body.

The meridians cross each other and are closely connected to connect the various parts of the human body into an organic whole.

The twelve meridians in the human body are the backbone of the meridian system, the internal organs are yin and the external collaterals are yang.

Twelve meridians are the hands of the three yin (lung, pericardium, heart), hand Sanyang (large intestine, three coke, small intestine), foot Sanyang (stomach, gallbladder, bladder), foot three yin (spleen, liver, kidney)The general term is the main body of the meridian system, also known as the “serious”.

The meridian physiological function and application are related to the viscera, communicating the dysmenorrhea in the meridians and the meridians, the Qijing eight veins, the fifteen collaterals, the twelve meridians, the twelve meridians, the twelve skins criss-crossing, entering the yin and outThe table shows the yang, can be able to go to the yang, reach the yin, the related organs and organs.

Through the tendons, the skin, contact the skin of the limbs; the floating parts and the Sunlu are connected to each subtle part.

In this way, the meridians connect the human body into an organic whole, so that the activities of various parts of the human body maintain the yin and yang coordination.

Run qi and blood, support the body’s various organs and organs in the body under the warmth of qi and blood, play its normal physiological role, so that the body’s internal organs, body surface, facial features, nine sputum, skin and bones can be closely linked, coordinationConsistently, these are all done by relying on the meridian transfer operation.

Resist the disease and evil, defend the body of the meridians and qi and blood and camp yin and yang.

The camp is in the veins, and the defensive line is outside the pulse, so that the atmosphere of the camp is densely covered, and it is adjusted to the five internal organs, and to the six hexagrams;

Reflecting pathological changes Meridian is a contact system inside and outside the human body. When the physiological function is out of balance, it is also a path of transmission of disease and evil, which has the characteristics of reflecting the disease.

In the pathological process, obvious tenderness or nodules, streaky reflections, and changes in skin color, morphology, and temperature of the corresponding parts may occur on the meridian line.

Syndrome Differentiation By analyzing the symptoms of the patient and the pathological changes in the relevant parts, the meridians where the disease occurs are generated.

Guide the treatment through acupuncture, moxibustion, massage, massage and other means to stimulate the body surface acupoints, to clear the gas, regulate the function of the body’s viscera, blood, thereby achieving the purpose of treatment and prevention of disease.

The view that Chinese medicine “no pain, no general pain” indicates that maintaining meridians and fluency is the primary measure to prevent disease.

In real life, such as walking, jogging, swimming, dancing, ideas, meditation and various sports such as dredging the meridians smooth, accessible organs run, so as to achieve fitness, health purpose.

Section health practitioners and health practitioners, in fact, is the yin and yang of air transport practitioners, requiring a balance of yin and yang, the five elements complement each other to achieve the purpose of health.

Cultivating qi is also a method of balancing the five elements obtained, are recorded in the history of Chinese civilization for thousands of years.

Many sentences with “gas” words, such as: bookish, deep breath, high spirits, gas, however, furious, cow temper.

Common words: temperament qigong vitality spirit of tolerance fate style atmosphere gas gas gas festivity fortune luck color arrogant pride backbone upright integrity ambition talent cheer vindictive arrogance arrogance justifiably proud of like-minded fearless daring magnificent energetic Spirit in humble one go Harmony refreshed air impact bullfighting

There are many ways to practice, and you can find one that suits you.