[Can pregnant women eat Gastrodia fish head]_Pregnancy_Can I eat

[Can pregnant women eat Gastrodia fish head]_Pregnancy_Can I eat

Gastrodia is an edible and precious Chinese medicinal material. Gastrodia is also known as Limu, Red Arrow, Divine Grass, Tomorrow Ma Ding Cao, etc. It is a perennial plant. Gastrodia can treat dizziness, headaches, numbness of limbs, children’s surpriseWind embolism.

When Gastrodia can be eaten with a lot of foods, there are many ways to do it, such as steamed eggs of Gastrodia, stewed pigeons of Gastrodia yam, broth of Gastrodia, fish head of Gastronomy pot and so on.

Gastrodia fish head is to cook gastrodia elata and fish head together for cooking. It seems that all the fish heads are delicious and have high therapeutic effect. Now, let’s talk about whether pregnant women can eat gastrodia fish head.

Can pregnant women eat Gastrodia fish head?

The stewed fish head of gastrodia elata is not suitable for pregnant women. This is mainly because of the gastrodia elata ingredients. Although gastrodia elata is a highly medically valuable ingredient, the food cooked with it is both nutritious and good.It is eaten, but because Gastrodia has the effects of calming the liver and quenching wind, expelling wind and relieving pain, reassuring the nerves, and activating blood and activating blood, it can easily lead to miscarriage of pregnant women.

Therefore, for pregnant mothers, it is better not to eat Gastrodia stewed fish head.


However, the fish head is a good thing for pregnant mothers. Nutrition experts point out that the fish head is a food with high protein, low feces and high vitamins. The fish head contains nutrients related to the development of human brain function.

Such as lecithin, can enhance people’s memory, thinking and analysis capabilities.

OHA in fish head is an unsaturated fatty acid, commonly known as “brain gold”, which has a strong role in promoting the development of brain cells and brain nerves.

In particular, the head and brain of the chubby fish is high in medulla, which can strengthen brain and improve intelligence and memory, and is beneficial to brain development.

This shows that pregnant women can eat fish heads.

Therefore, pregnant women want to drink fish head soup, try not to put Gastrodia elata.

Selection of ingredients for Gastrodia fish head 1.

Gastrodia is divided into first-level, second-level, third-level, and fourth-level. When harvesting and processing, farmers will be classified according to their size, thickness, and fullness.

The first category is the product phase, which has good efficacy, and the other grades decrease in order.

Fresh Gastrodia tubers vary in shape, and are usually spindle-shaped, elongated, yellowish in color, and ring-shaped on the surface.

One end will form a reddish-brown pointed head, commonly known as “Parrot’s Mouth”, and the other end will have a round “navel”.

Sometimes it looks like potatoes, and some people sell them to consumers with potatoes and fisheyes.

Gastrodia is usually round and plump.


The selection of fish heads is based on the gills to see how good the fish heads are.

The gill cover of fresh fish is tightly closed, the color of the fish gill is bright red, and some are bloody, no mucus and dirt, and no odor.

The gills are reddish or grayish red, and the fish is no longer fresh.

If the fish gills are gray or black, with thick mucus and dirt, and have a bad smell, it means that the fish has deteriorated.

Fisheye is also one of the criteria for identifying the quality of fish heads. Fresh fisheyes are smooth and bright, slightly convex, and perfect without cover.

Stale fish eyes are dull and dull, and they are even covered with a layer of thick paste or dirt, making the eyes blurred and concave.

Ruptured and broken eyeballs rupture and shift.