Ding Junhui won the Chinese Open Championship CCTV live for nearly seven hours at any cost _1

Ding Junhui won the Chinese Open Championship CCTV live for nearly seven hours at any cost
On the 8th of April, Minnan.com’s eastward advancement is the development trend of all professional sports in the past two decades. Looking for breakthroughs in Asia, China is the top priority.From the NBA to F1, and then to tennis, Snooker is also moving in the same direction.The NBA has owned Yao Ming and Yi Jianlian, tennis is proud of Li Na, and the snooker shortcut to the east must also be a Chinese spokesperson.  In the final of the China Open with Robertson the night before, Ding Junhui was so hot that he finally won 10 to 5, which was his fifth ranking title this season, which tied the 23-year-old “Billiard King””Hendley maintains a record of 5 championships in a single season ranking.Ding Junhui won the championship and was happy for him. I am afraid that it is not just Chinese fans. The World Taiwan Federation and the event promotion agency World Snooker Co., Ltd. must also be happy.Ding Junhui is even more of a cardiotonic exercise on this downhill road.Ding Junhui won the Chinese Open championship and fell in love with local operations. In this glorious season, Ding Junhui only won most of the victory in the local. Why did Xiaohui, who once performed in the domestic competition, generally get used to winning in the local?”Xiaohui has been training and playing in the UK for a long time, and the state of the game has followed foreign events. When he returned to the country, the time difference often didn’t get better, and his state could not keep up. This is not a technical and tactical issue.Now he started preparing for the domestic competition early.”, Ding Junhui’s father revealed.  Ding Junhui also likes the feeling of local combat, he said: “I have done a good job this season, there is no pressure.I won the championship in Shanghai and the championship in Chengdu, and I especially want to win a championship in Beijing.”The World Championship is not a burden. When asked, the schedule of the China Open and the Snooker World Championship is so close, whether it will affect the preparation of the World Championship, Ding Junhui said amazingly: “I have different views from everyone, you think the World Championship is important, I don’t think it matters, or I can choose to take a break or not even fight.”With the Chinese Championship winning 85,000 pounds, Ding Junhui continued to top the list of prizes in the world.At the end of this season, the World Taiwan Federation will adopt a new bonus ranking system.Ding Junhui’s prize money reached 700,671 pounds (about 7.22 million), while Robertson ranked second, with a bonus of 631,748 pounds.CCTV’s special ball game scene and rhythm are far more in line with modern tastes than snooker.TV stations cannot afford the loss of advertisements due to declining ratings and long broadcast time, which is also the reason why British mainstream TV stations have suspended cooperation with the World Television Association.The broadcasting right of the game cannot be sold at a high price, the sponsorship income is low, and the player bonus cannot be kept up to date.According to statistics, currently only the top 40-50 snooker professional players in the world can remain profitable during the season, and the rest are all filled with world competitions.  However, CCTV can give nearly 7 hours of live broadcast time for a game.  Zhejiang media believes that the happiness of one person will be short-lived after all.After losing all Chinese elements, the NBA is worried about the Chinese market that was no longer there. Not to mention the attractiveness of the project itself and the internationalization of the players, Snooker’s ability to go global has not yet reached the fire.The endorsement fee is not less than 8 million. The Vice-President of the General Planning and Legal Affairs Department of the Beijing Winter Olympics bidding committee and the Vice President of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics Yi Jiandong recently said that Li Na’s endorsement fee was about 150 billion yuan after winning the French Open in 2011, and Liu Xiang wonAfter the Athens Olympics champion entered the peak period, it is almost the same value. Ding Junhui has achieved a leap in sports performance this season, and the price is proportional to the growth. It is reasonable. “From a macro perspective, Ding Junhui’s commercial endorsement fee should not be less than 80 billion yuan.”It is reported that Ding Junhui’s first chest advertising position on the vest will expire on May 31 this year.And Ding Junhui’s girlfriend revealed, “There are many companies that are in contact (Ding Junhui) now. There are many financial, real estate, absorbed, and automobile companies.”